Football official 2013/14 football season dicussion thread

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  1. 3 weeks to go til the bpl starts 1 week till the football league starts 1 question ARE YOU READY!!!

    I can't wait weekends aint the same without it how do you think your team will do? Who's gunna win the bpl? Whos going up and down? Whos getting the sack? and finally mourinho is back! And theres the transfer window is still open of course let the fun begin!
  2. Spoiler for yesterday's results:
    Bayern 2-0 Barcelona
    Olympique 2-2 Madrid

    I liked Madrid's match if I'm honest, they used some of their young talent and that's amazing imo.
  3. I can't help but feel reluctant to predict anything to do with the Boro, literally anything could happen. However we do though, I'm ridiculously excited and ridiculously nervous. Can't wait.
  4. Don't worry we have dean whitehead lol im the same we still need a striker better hurry up
  5. Dortmund are raping Bayern atm..
  6. Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
  7. Sounds like i missed a good game:emoji_slight_frown: what midfield did munich put out quite intrigued to see who they put
  8. Pep Guardiola reckons his Bayern side was better last night. i didn't watch the game, too busy watching 2 hours of Revolution. But it looks like Dortmund just dominated. Am I correct in saying that?
  9. The season starts on Friday!!!! :yes::yes::yes::yes:
  10. Dortmund just went in. For 10 or so minutes of the game, Bayern had absolutely no idea how to handle them. Klopp is one of the best managers around right now. Bayern's squad is easily the best squad in the world atm. I hope Dortmund keep this going for Bundesliga, as that league is boring as fuck with just Bayern trying. Last year, Dortmund concentrated on the CL (rightly so), but I hope they're more competitive this year. Their team is amazing. Reus is Bale-esque, Lewan is one of the best strikers around atm, Gundogan is one of the best CM's around atm, their defence is awesome - superb team, and pleasure to watch. They're the team I support in Germany. I love everything about them, just a shame they're still a selling club.
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  11. less than 24hr to go woooo come on boro! Hope we start with a win
  12. We got Northampton at home today. It will be tough. We're always shite on the opening day
  13. new season same old boro oh well on to the next game
  14. Typical.
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