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    Date – February 17th, 2013
    Time - 1am UK time, 7/8 Yankee time
    Venue – New Orleans Arena
    City – New Orleans, LA
    Theme Song -

    Match Card as of 13/2/13

    [size=x-large] WWE Championship – The Rock vs CM Punk[/size]


    [size=x-large] The Shield vs John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback[/size]


    [size=x-large] World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio © vs The Big Show [/size]


    [size=x-large] Elimination Chamber match – Winner faces the World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania – Mark Henry vs Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Kane vs Jack Swagger [/size]


    [size=x-large] United States Championship - Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz [/size]


    [size=x-large] Piss Break Championship - Tamina Snuka vs Kaitlyn [/size]


    [size=x-large] Pre - Show [/size]

    [size=x-large] Tensai and Brodus Clay vs Team Rhodes Scholars [/size]


  2. Stickied.
  3. God dammit I forget every damn time.
  4. That is one awesome match card
  5. Card looks really good this year.

    Ambrose looks dope on that poster.
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  6. I really hope you're trolling :nogusta:
    this has to be one of the worst PPV cards i've ever seen
    1-Another lame Punk vs Rock match with Dwayne who can not even stand up after 5 minutes :mad2:
    2-The 3 stooges going over the shield
    3-Adr vs Show :facepalm1:
    4-and the EC match which is actually the only match i'am excited about
    so to sum up :gtfo:
  7. Punk vs Rock, although it's rather predictable and inevitably going to be a lame match, is still Punk vs Rock and will still be enjoyable.

    The Shield's burial will be painful to watch but as it will most likely be in the chamber, the match will be awesome. Ambrose and Rollins just need to do the majority of the work and the match will undoubtedly deliver again.

    ADR vs Show has actually been a pretty awesome fued, and it was comfortably MOTN at the Rumble, although I would have rathered another match this is hardly a travesty.

    The EC will be awesome, hopefully Khali doesn't get stuck in there though.

    Pumped for this card.
  8. Looking forward to the show, wish it was this week so I could watch it live but oh well. Don't want to see Rock/Punk again by no means, really, really hoping Shield gets a victory somehow but expecting a burial. ADR/Show was good before, although with a stipulation things get easier, this one may be somewhat boring as it'll be Show dominating and all that crap, but I hope they book it David/Goliath and ADR gets a nice win in the end. The SD Chamber looks good and my man Henry will win it, so it's awesome.
  9. [​IMG]

    Sheamus just told Ryback he wants to make sweet Irish love to him. Ryback is pretty shocked.
  10. Cena is thinking "been there, done that" and the Shield doesn't really care.
  11. [​IMG]

    Rock let one rip, Punk doesn't like smelling what Rock is cookin'
  12. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8MwGCA15gg[/video]

    Here's the theme song without the lowered pitch. Pretty bad ass theme song.
  13. for those who live in the uk its on sky sports for free
  14. Theme song sucks.
  15. OFF TOPIC : Dont know why I thought about Rockstar-Nickelback
  17. TLC- Heels won ( Ziggler , Cesaro , Shield, SHow
    RR-All faces won ( Cena , Hell no, Rock , ADR)

    Expecting The shield to give us a surprise ... Otherwise...
  18. I'm really interested in the Elimination chamber match. I am pulling for DB so hard, but think Henry or orton has it locked up.
  19. It's an awesome card. I don't know whether I'm going to watch it live.
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