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    Back in September I put together the indy wrestling challenge, we're we spent a month watching as much wrestling as possible in a months time. This time I was thinking of putting together a year long challenge with the following concept:

    • The participants sign up to partake
    • The participants agree to watch a minimum amount of 200 matches of +10 minutes length in a years time
    • The participants comment and rate the matches they watch and post in this thread
    • By the end of the year the watchers put together a top 200 list
    • Matches have to be 10 minutes long or more
    • Any promotion is allowed, WWE, TNA, ROH, New Japan etc etc
    • Keep up your own match count

    Tagging the regulars: @Pop Tatari @Rhod @Forrest @Shadow @Testify @Candy Colored Clown @El Homo

    Some others who might be interested: @Dolph'sZiggler @Senhor Perfect @Farooq

    Current particpants:



    Adam/Slim Shady








    Pop Tatari



  2. Sure, I'll try it
  3. Sign me up, Amigo....

    I know what I can review.....My Minimum, I don't know yet......I'll set it for 20-30 matches for myself atm.....
  4. in one year? You can do better. And you don't set a personal minimum. We all agree on a minimum for us all.
  5. Also, Yeah....I can do better.....I expect myself to watch over 100 matches throughout the year.....Mostly NJPW, DDT, Old CHIKARA events and the rest of them.....
    Why I set a low amount for myself.....I don't know......
  6. You don't set a amount for yourself. We all agree to a number that we strive towards.
  7. Yes....I Understand that.....
  8. LOL At you taggin me as a regular <3

    @THG? and @Slim Shady might be interested.

    Sign me up.
    I would go for 30 matches per month or so. Just sayin
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  9. Yep, im down. I'll only be part time, I usually forget these things a lot.
  10. How many we talking ?

    Sure, count me in. Also, it can be a match from any year, right?
  12. It's not about X per month, rather X per year, you can watch em all in a month or over the span of a year.

    That's up for us to decide together.
    Yes, any year.
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  13. I know just saying. Like one per day (30 per month) would be a good number. 365 per year
  14. When you put it like that it sounds good yeah. 30 a month sounds good.

    I'm also gonna allow wwe and TNA so we have as many promotions as possibleh
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  15. I'll try it. I'll have the summer where I will probably watch 70-80% of the required matches so I will be able to reach the minimum.
  16. And ROH
  17. Roh is an indy so yeah, that was a given. I didn't mean it like limiting it to wwe or tna, I said they were allowed in this thread.
  18. You should stick this thread
  19. Count me in, sweetheart
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