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  1. IMPACT PREVIEW: Open Fight Night, B****f Appreciation Night, Gut Check




    Discuss. #OFN
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  2. Not too hyped for OFN or this show tbh.
  3. I wonder if Jeff Hardy is having a match...
  4. You can check out the spoilers. Just don't post them here.
  5. Why are they advertising this OFN garbage?
  6. I bet you, they will screw this one up too. :russo: russo is gone so, it might be okay...
  7. To be honest, even though it's probably pure coincidence - but since Vince Russo has gone - TNA has gotten worse.
  8. well in my opinion things got less repetitive, example, jeff hardy isn't getting his matches interrupted EVERY WEEK since late 2011!
    but i think it MIGHT have gotten worse...
  9. The fuck man? Advertising is everything in this business. And then people complain the ratings are weak. The whole point in good ratings is great advertising.
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  10. I thought it was a good show. I'm a TNA fan
  11. I didn't ask why are they advertising. I asked why are they advertising OFN, I doubt it's exactly a draw. We'll see though I guess.
  12. you have such a pessimistic outlook on TNA

    OFN was sweet & this episode of Impact was awesome. Tessmacher's finisher & entrance music are awesome. Devon beating Bully Ray shows to me that they are really pushing Devon which is awesome. A bunch of clean victories tonight and the ending segment was actually pretty cool.

    I can't wait to see where the Gutcheck thing leads to.
  13. Crayo is a little naive boy.
  14. My thoughts:

    1.) Wayyyyyyyy too much Hogan (first time I've said this since he took over as GM)
    2.) Devon vs Bully- not a bad match, and they seem serious about pushing Devon as the TV Champ. This is a perfectly acceptable plan IMO, gives them a real mid card belt that they've ben lacking
    3.) Not nearly enough Aries or Roode (though Roode sucker punching that chump Silva was hilarious)
    4.) Borash's BS was a waste of TV time
    5.) Angle squashing Anarquia was fine by me. Did Angle seem like a face to anyone else? Based on the match and his interaction with Daniels
    6.) Besides getting to see Al Snow, the gut check shit sucked balls. Alex Silva was god awful. Literally terrible. Such a waste of time
    7.) Tessmacher actually seems to be improving in the ring. She gets the win over Gail, and seems to be the next face they will feed to her.
    8.) Joseph Park/Bully Ray-- yes! yes! yes!
    9.) RVD as the #1 contender.. whatever. Nobody on Earth thinks he is beating Roode. Pure filler feud.
    10.) The stupidity aside that was Hardy teaming with Anderson, I liked the turn of events in the tag match. Joe choking out Anderson was a perfect win for Joe/Magnus, and they are laying the foundation for a Daniels/Kaz & Joe/Magnus feud. Sounds good to me
    11.) What the fuck at the main event segment? I didn't bother to do anything besides fast forward through it, but it ended with Borash and Garrett putting Eric in a portal potty and getting shit all over him? I felt like Eric Bischoff after having watched that, with TNA being the ones who shit all over me. What a waste of time. Bischoff, work backstage, and stay the fuck off my TV

    4/10, a half point higher than last week, but still more bad things happening than good IMO
  15. Yeah it had some good parts.

    Robbie E made the match watchable. But I'm a mark or him tho!

    Borash yawn.
    Bully ray needs the title soon. Guy has earned it.
    I could see RVD winning and bully ray getting it off him.
    Tessmacher looked very weak. But then they made Gail look weaker by having Brooke beat her with two moves.

    I give it a 6 out of ten. I legit fell asleep before the ending though!

  16. Bully Ray has been jobbing his ass off lately, and just jobbed to the guy with the tv title. He isn't getting a run with Roode's belt any time soon. Roode will beat RVD and drop the belt to Storm at Slammiversary
  17. How the fuck do I? Are you really arguing that TNA market their show? But the one time they seem to (I actually saw an ad this week) it's about OFN? Was OFN the point of the show this week? I'll be interested to see if it draws. You say TNA is awesome pretty much every week when most people seem to think it's sucking atm, which by looking at Dolph's review, it does. I'll watch it and post my own opinion but I doubt it'll differ.

    Personally, I think I'm less pessimistic than you are strangely optimistic because it's not WWE.

    Stop trying, it's embarrassing.

    This seems like it was written by me. I despise the amount of Hogan, I wouldn't have cared too much about Devon and Bully, but every time I see Bully I mark so meh, I'm a big Aries/Roode mark so would have wanted to see more, Angle squash is okay, don't care about RVD, I think it's stupid he's #1 contender but as long as my main man won't drop the title I couldn't care, and I'd hate Garret, Eric and all that bullshit being in the main event.

    More bad than good like you say.

    I'm sorry, this show was awesome, I'm so pessimistic.
  18. But he still gets MEGA heat. That's how good he is.
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  19. I'm a Bully Ray mark, and I was calling for him to get a title run as early as late 2011, but he won't be getting it unfortunately. He is fucking awesome to watch, but they are using him to get other guys over. It's not really bothering me tbh. I'm assuming Aries will go over him at whatever the hell the next PPV is, then Joseph Parks/Abyss will go over him at Slammy. Bully has jobbed at like 10 PPVs in a row and still gets as much heat as anyone in wrestling.

    edit: Yes Crayo, OFN was literally the #1 focus of the show last night, along with the Bischoff bull shit. Some of it was okay, some of it was overdone. For instance Hogan got to decide that Joe/Magnus would be the first to defend their belts on OFN, and they took literally 3 segments (pretty long segments) trying to determine who their opponents would be out of the Guns, Daniels/Kaz, ODB/EY, & Hardy/Anderson.
  20. Sigh. So it's a new direction they're going in. Hogan + New OFN Concept = Ratings. We'll see I guess.

    I agree with you about Bully, he's the TNA version (for me) of Miz. The guy who gets the most heat and is generally the most entertaining on the show, but is used (because of the heat) to get uninterested characters over, whereas I'd rather just see him have a title run. But I'm optimistically okay with him not having a run as long as we see him weekly and most of the time have a mic in his hands.
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