Official 5/10 IMPACT Wrestling Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, May 10, 2012.

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  1. IMPACT WRESTLING Preview: Roode, RVD, James Storm Update And More




    - Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion for the X Division Title

    Discuss gentlemen and over-their-beltlines-fatasses. :taker:
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  2. Thanks for the thread! This is the go-home show, isn't it?
    It's always good to see James Storm, anyone else think Ion will win the X-division belt tonight?

    Watching over Youtube to fast-forward through Bob Van Dam sounding like an egotistical douche.
  3. Might tune in to see the Storm update.
  4. Looking forward to Storm's "update" and another Aries/Zema match-up.
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  5. Yes, the go-home show.

    Zema Ion probably won't win the title, bcuz Aries is such a badass champ and will hold for more time, and he needs to look good for the Bully this Sunday.

    Agreed, Bob VD cut one of the most douchebag promos ever. :facepalm1: Reminds me that he'll have promo time this week too. :facepalm1:

    Plus, the weekly TV Title defense by Devon is against Robbie E. tonight.
    Crayo, you gonna tune in for that too?
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  6. PFFFFT.

    I wish they gav Bully all the mic segments. He is one of the best heel talkers in the business.
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  7. Devon and Robbie are perfect fits for each other. A great seller vs a dominant big man. As long as Robbie gets no offence, comedically oversells everything, and this fucking feud ends, that TV Title match is inoffensive enough.

    Aries isnt losing clean, that's for sure! Bully will probably (predictably) cost him the belt, or they can Sheamus-book Aries and let him win anyway. We dont know yet, that's the fun of TNA.
  8. I always watch Impact when I remember. Actually looking forward to the main event tonight.
  9. Mmmmm Velvet Sky looks sooo yummy.
  10. No reason to start new thread just to post a rating...

  11. 1.11?!?! Must have upped their advertising
  12. 1,533,000 viewers? That's actually great compared to last two months. Hopefully they don't sink again.
  13. Quarter hours report:

    Credit to PWTorch

    Q8 was piss poor.
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  14. Looks like the AJ storyline that we all hate is a ratings draw after all lol.

    Looks like people were interested in Storm as well
  15. At least it's increasing, that's great news. Hogan appearing = 0.92 lolololol
  16. I don't hate the AJ/Carter storyline, man.:kiss: And glad it drew.

    Is it coincidental the rating went up when Garett Sideburns isn't on TV?:obama:

    Look at Crayo's favorite GM rating....
  17. There were "We want Garett" chants last night. Made me lol.
  18. I miss Garrett :sad:
  19. Thanks for this, Testify! Pretty sure the fans have figured out that nothing happens during Q1. AJ Styles segments ALWAYS get ratings, and Daniels is entertaining as hell right now. The biggest increase being the X-Division? Obviously.

    We need a Joseph Park smiley btw.
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  20. Can't stop smiling at your sig.
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