Official 5/24 IMPACT Wrestling Discussion (OFN) Thread

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, May 24, 2012.

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  1. It's OPEN FIGHT NIGHT, brother!

    Official preview:


    And the badass preview video:

    Discuss and you better fight! :taker:
  2. This is the last show before they go live isn't it?
  3. Yes sir. May 31st they begin the live program and move an hour earlier, brother.
  4. Lmao I wish that preview was longer. Bully Ray + Angle = Gold.
  5. Kurt sounds like a complete asshole on TV lately, so he obviously didn't turn face exactly. I'd say he's a true definition of a tweener right now. Just look at his mannerisms. No wonder at all since he had feuds with two hottest babyfaces in Storm and Hardy over the last half of year.
  6. That preview was really good. Wish it was longer.
  7. I wish it was longer too. Love hearing those 4 go at it. Especially the last little bit. Hardy say yeah your son likes me. haha
  8. 20 minutes. Trolling JoeRulz to kill time, but it's not helping all that much.
  9. :russo:
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  10. AJ Styles and his retarded ass gloves


    This segment feels weird as hell


    As weird as this is, I'm digging it. Bully and Angle are just awesome
  11. Screw having matches. Lets just watch them talk for 2 hours. Im down for it.
  12. I wasn't a fan when I heard of the OFN concept, but it's slowly growing on me.
  13. lmao the guy they had come in for the gut check match reminded me of Ben Stiller's character in dodge ball. loved it
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  14. I thought he was pretty awesome lol. Much better than Alex Silva.
  15. Definitely better. That guy was weak. This one had me laughing. I hope he gets a contract. I'd like to see his goofy ass from time to time.
  16. He shouldn't have any trouble getting signed

    I wonder who they will have replace Flair on the panel of judges


    Giving us 30 minutes of Roode/AJ?? yes please!
  17. Could be the old friend Hogan was on the phone with. Wonder when they will tell who that was.
  18. Clearly it was Brutus Beefcake


    fucking commercial fest man wtf


    I can't give the show anything less than a 7/10

    It wasn't wall to wall entertainment, and some of the segments just outright sucked, but the positives were very positive

    -Excellent PPV quality match from Roode & AJ. I would have to say it was easily the best TV match I've seen in 2012 (+Roode goes over clean!!!!!)
    -Roode's celebration- classic
    -Great opening with Bully/Hogan/AJ/Angle/Hardy and it was very unique.
    -Aries vs Ryan was cool, and gives me hope for this 'Gut Check' gimmick after Silva was pretty shitty last time. Ryan better get a job
    -Joseph Park is the man. His gimmick, mannerisms, and facial expressions are hilarious. His interaction with Bully was superb, both guys play their role to perfection

    -A little too much Hogan, although he wasn't that bad
    -Garrett/Devon/Big Rob Bigger Rob fiasco
    -Gail/Maddie vs Mr. & Mrs. ODB (even though it gave me a couple of laughs)

    I'm pretty neutral on Sting's return.. I'm just thankful that he is facing Roode next week and not at Slammy. Good way to kick off their live programming tbh
  19. Gotta agree with Dolph's, the positives were very positive, but the negatives were really bad...

    + Gail Kim really needed a character, she got some semblance of one tonight. Madison forgets her panties again, ODB starts to act like a voice of reason, and they made Eric Young look like a complete chump. I marked hard for everything about this segment and fucking loved this! Bully Ray and Joseph Park was absolute gold, and that main event... Oh baby! Wow! Roode and Styles put on the best TV match since the Impact London tapings, at least. These three things occupied most of the show, and if you Youtube these three things this show was freaking fantastic. Good to see Gunner again.

    - So much garbage with Hogan things was unnecessary, and it still feels like Hogan is simply playing favorites instead of giving actual reasons. I won't buy into the concept until they fix this, and I won't want to watch OFN until they scale back Hogan. Don't know how to feel about Austin Aries vs Ron Burgundy. Won't buy into Gut Check until someone actually does something with their contract, but at least Ryan looked like he belonged on the roster. TNA needs to fix this. Devon bending over backwards to kiss Garett's ass to try to get him over is simply embarassing... and I can't take any more of this damned feud. Why is Rob Terry still employed? When is Bob Van Dam's contract expiring? When is Sting retiring?
  20. You're way overrating it.

    The backstage segment was awesome and original, all of them shined. But to separate it into 3 separate segments was overkill. Park/Bully Ray is actually my favourite part of impact at the moment, I'm loving their feud, Joseph is amazing. The main event match was absolutely incredible, PPV value. But that's it. The rest was filler and boring. There were like 7 segments of Hulk Hogan, Sting returning to feud with Bobby YET AGAIN doesn't in anyway shape or form excite me for next week. Aries' match seemed completely pointless, where's his supposed push gone?

    I don't see how 3/4 segments = 7/7.5 ratings.

    5/10 for me.
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