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  1. IMPACT Preview: Flair Demands Hogan, Roode & RVD, Knockouts & More




    Look at all those bald headed badasses in the 6 Man Tag.:obama: Should be fun.

    Discuss. :taker:
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  2. LMAO at Daniels in that pic.
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  3. Kaz doesn't suit short hair. Looked like a bearable show from the spoilers.

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    Kaz doesn't suit short hair. Looked like a bearable show from the spoilers.

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  4. I hate that Kaz just cut his hair with no reason. It should have been a part of a storyline. Let's say: Aries vs. Kaz, Title vs. Hair. Sounds good, IMO.
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  5. I'm interested to see what happens with Angle in that 6 man tag match.. he is aligned with the heels, but last week it seemed like they were teasing a face turn.
  6. So many turns in TNA it's hard to keep up.

    I'm loving that Angle is feuding with Styles though.
  7. maybe like 6 months ago, but it hasnt been bad

    Card looks great. Everyone looks kinda silly when they get a buzzcut, it takes about 2-3 weeks for the hair to grow a little bit & it looks fine.

    RVD is awesome & so is Roode so Sacrifice should be cool.
  8. CM Pulse I agree the turns have calmed down as late. Outside of Aries turning face (and the fans turned him pretty much) I can't recall too many turns lately. Joe/Magnus have become tweeners of sort, but that's about it.
  9. You're a fan of RVD? I've spoke to quite a few TNA fans recently, he seems to be widely hated from what I can see. I hate that he's in the ME against Roode, but since it means my main man will be winning as it's a filler it doesn't bug me.

    Pretty gutted Roode cut his hair though, I was a big fan, it reminded me of Zigglers.
  10. I've always been a fan of RVD... yeah he might have slowed down in recent years, but he is still a draw & the crowd eats him up.

    I think Roode's haircut looks good too.

    I guess I've just been really optimistic about everything TNA related lately. They have been doing better.
  11. RVD hasn't slowed down IMO. Physically he can still do 95% of the stuff he's always done, he is just lazy in the ring and doesn't put in much effort to anything he does. That's why he is so hated.
  12. I never knew RVD was a draw. He didn't draw in WWE did he?

    I guess our opinion of TNA differs atm. I think TNA this time a month ago I think was a LOT better than the current product. I remember being more excited for TNA than for RAW. It might be longer than a month ago actually. It was when we actually saw youth, the stars we want to see, rather than the old guys. I don't care about the odd Flair promo or something but Hogan getting 20+ minutes weekly just kills me inside. I compare it to knowing that Jerry Lawler will have a segment every week, if he did, I'd boycott RAW.

    That mixed with Eric Bischoff and Garrett Bischoff is enough for me to YouTube it instead. Then you have the minor inconveniences where Styles isn't used what I want him to be (all personal preference though) and them slamming Twitter down our throats more than WWE.
  13. TNA rarely mentions Twitter on IMpact.. mostly just the PPVs they go all 2011 Michael Cole on us.
  14. Bullcrap. The last time I watched impact there was a backstage segment about fan questions on twitter, and then mentions every 10 minutes on commentary. I think that was impact anyway.
  15. I'm 99% sure you are thinking of a PPV bro. On PPVs it gets to the point of being unbearable, but not Impact. Impact isn't live, which really handicaps your twitterability.
  16. I might be thinking of LockDown actually. I'll pop in and watch a couple segments tomorrow (non Hogan ones) and see.
  17. It was the PPV before LD (VR I think?) That REALLY was overkill on the Twitter. Like, almost enough to make you want to turn off the PPV overkill.
  18. They only talk about twitter on PPVs (rarely mention and most the time not at all unless telling us Dixie Carter's twitter)

    Styles/Daniels/Kaz in a feud is awesome & will result in a good PPV match

    Eric is off TV for now, but I do agree that Garett is really stupid

    RVD was one of the most, if not the most, over guy in WWE in 2001-2002 -- do you not remember that?
  19. I think you're selling bob short there Puls3 he was mad over well into 2005 from what I remember.

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  20. Yeah true he was still over w/ Kane as his partner but not as MEGA over as he was before HHH decided that he wasn't ready to give the belt up and made RVD lose at Unforgiven '02

    then the ECW revival happened in what 05?

    so to think about it

    RVD was over pretty much his entire career in WWE but he was MEGA over in 2001-2002
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