Official 9/12 TNA Final Resolution PPV Discussion Thread

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    Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Title


    Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles - One Final Time


    Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray, Part III

    Aces & Eights vs. Team TNA in an 8 Men Tag Match


    Chavo & Hernandez (c) vs. Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan for the World Tag Titles

    RVD (c) vs. Kenny King for the X Division Title


    Tara (c) vs. Mickie James for the Knockouts Title



  2. Stickying this
  3. Will watch live, I hope to see Roode winning the World Title.
  4. 2 possible MOTYCs in Aries-Ray and AJ-Daniels, I hope.

    RVD-King will probably suck, though. And unfortunately, the Tag Title match too.

    The rest should be cool.
  5. I think I'm going to be out that day :downer:
  6. Re: RE: Official 9/12 TNA Final Resolution PPV Discussion Thread

    Really can't be bothered about AJ Daniels again sadly, Aries Ray will be a nice brawl also hoping King can carry Bob to something semi acceptable.
  7. Hoping for a King or RVD heel turn tonight, that's the only way I can see this possible feud working and X Division getting some decent program again.
  8. Indeed. I hope it isn't just a random Kenny King burial for no reason.
  9. Btw, I hope Bad Influence wears something similar to this:

  10. I'll be here for this show.
  11. Nvm. I shall be here :yay: :hogan:
  12. What time is this on? I might be able to make it.
  13. Just under an hour Boss man
  14. Got pizza to watch it with xD
  15. Dammit, have to fill in at work tomorrow.:downer:
  16. I'll definitely check some of this out tonight. I'm really not too in tune with the feuds, but just looking at the card I have high expectations.


    -Any chance King goes over RVD? Like, did they have much build, or is this relatively random?
    -Morgan/Ryan for tag team champs sounds like an amazing idea.
    -Roode obviously needs his belt back. Roode win = I will be watching Impact every week again
    -Definitely not not mad to see Aries/Bully one last time
    -Hoping Baby B turns on his team to help A&8s win
    -Battle of the asses
    -Only thing I could give a shit less about is AJ/Daniels volume 4,304
  17. King basically came back to TV like two weeks ago, he's got basically no build so I'd say this match is a reason to have BVD on the card sadly. Would have made more sense to have York on the card instead of King since York has been used quite a lot. Wins gutcheck (first guy to get all yeses), challenges Hardy on OFN and goes one hell of a match with him and then wrestles a nice match with Roode week after. That's how you debut a guy. King sadly has seen very little air time.
  18. That'd be better for the Big Morgan and the Big Organ.

    I still like my suggestion of "Big Sleazy" better as a name, though.

  19. I agree. The next best thing to putting the belt back on Aries is putting it back on Roode.

    This should be the match of the night and could be the match of the year.

    Figuring either Bischoff or Brisco turns on the team. I'm actually hoping Brisco, but it could go either way for me.

    Presuming you're talking Knockouts, which :gusta:.
    If you're not, :eww:.

    Only thing that makes this match a good idea to me is the fact that these two guys are so awesome together in the ring that it has the capacity to be a match of the year candidate. The story's not really drawing me in, though. I just hope it's a good match that I can turn off my brain and enjoy the show.

  20. Here I am.