Official Barclays Premier League Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Us football fanatics will be watching this weekly, so here's the place to discuss it.

    Can't wait for the new season.
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  2. Me too, I'm really looking forward to it. :otunga:
  3. Can't wait. Little sad that I most likely will miss the Spurs game on Saturday due to family visiting.
  4. RVP to get top scorer? Nah, dunno. Rooney maybe. Kagawa I'm claiming to get most assists. So bias of course.
  5. I think Silva will get the most assists (Biased) Not sure who will get the most goals, either Titus Bramble or Emile Heskey. (If he's found a club yet)
  6. Got a feeling RVP won't hit the ground running tbh, I'm expecting Rooney to outscore him. Bring on the hate. Top scorer Aguero, most assists Kagawa I agree with, either him or a Spurs player such as Van Der Vaart, they'll try and outscore everyone this year IMO. Also Silva could well be up there.
  7. On a side note I could see Le Fondre scoring goals if given game time. Seem to be a natural goalscorer albeit from the very little I've seen. Would be great to see Jordan Rhodes find a PL club as well, he would score ridiculous amounts if anyone took the chance, which nobody seems prepared to do.
  8. @Seabs: I agree Rooney will outscore him, I still think RVP will score quite a lot. Our style isn't too different with Arsenal and with Nani, Valencia, Young, Kagawa, Scholes and Carrick I'm sure he'll be getting a ton of chances. RVP is best in the box and he's very consistent.

    As for Spurs, VDV is more of a score than an assister, they haven't replaced Modric with anyone near his quality. I don't expect them to be in the top 4 if I'm honest.
  9. ALF is a handy player sure but I can't see him getting the time he usually gets on the ball, Rhodes is incredibly up in the air also, he lacks pace and strength, he's a strong finisher with a decent brain but could well get caught out at Championship level yet alone in the PL. It's a huge risk for that money.
  10. Yeah I was thinking the same with ALF especially considering they've signed another new striker who I imagine will get a start with the guy Church and that other Hunt that plays up front for them. Rhodes would be a risk but a totally worthwhile one IMO. He's so brainy which makes up for where he lacks in other attributes. His finishing is sublime as well.
  11. I agree you're playing similar to Arsenal but it's just a gut feeling lol, he'll probably start scoring around Christmas after bedding in a bit IMO.

    I don't know why I chose VDV either tbh, he did pick up 9 assists last year though so I can see him improving that, plus AVB is a very attack minded manager I believe, so he'll have more of a shot to improve that, providing Spurs don't go off the boil. I'm expecting them to be 5th / 6th also tbh, their defense will let them down but still expect a lot of high scoring games from them IMO.
  12. Yeah their tactic is score more than your opponent, especially with AVB in charge now. Good thing is without RVP we still have Welback and Hernandez to back him up. I'm hoping we sell Berba to be honest.
  13. I'd give Berba away if I was Alex.
  14. Lmao, I'd rather get the £8 million or something. He's so gifted technically, just a lazy bastard.
  15. Can we not have an Official Championship thread?
    Some of us aren't as fortunate as you rich d*cks. :((
  16. Re: RE: Official Barclays Premier League Thread

    Make it, me and you can lol at Mark :gusta:
  17. Just go ahead, I made an SPL one last season which was basically just Crayo and I posting lol.
  18. It is done, lets bully that guy into depression. :obama:
  19. It starts tomorrow, really looking forward to watching MOTD again.
  20. I wish the Championship had a proper show like MOTD but i'm looking forward to the PL aswell, want to see how Newcastle progress from last season, would love to see them in the top 4 just to rip the hell out of my mates but can't see it happening tbh, think last season was their best chance.
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