Official BFG Series 2013 Thread (Pts, Rankings, Results)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    The wrestler with the most points at the end of the Bound For Glory Series wins a gauranteed shot at the biggest title in TNA Wrestling, at BFG in San Diego!​
    The 12 TNA wrestlers that will compete in the Bound For Glory Series are:​

    Jeff Hardy​
    Bobby Roode​
    Samoa Joe​
    Jay Bradley​
    Christopher Daniels​
    Joseph Park​
    Austin Aries​
    Mr. Anderson​
    AJ Styles​

    For those who don't remember the system:

    Submission win = 10 pts
    Pinfall win = 7 pts
    Countout win = 5 pts
    DQ win = 2 pts (and the opponent loses 10 pts)
    Draw = 2 pts each

    Time limit is 15 mins (at this moment). Each wrestler faces the other 11 one time during the summer. Matches will take place on IMPACT Wrestling, Xplosion and house shows. 4 wrestlers make it to the finals to your usual 4 man tournament.
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  2. Damn this BFG series is going to be great. Nice idea posting a thread for this.
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  3. Thanks for the thread baby girl xoxo

    I'm interested how well Anderson is booked, I see him getting to the final building up the conflict with Bully before AJ beats him.
  4. BFG Series officially kicks off next week on Open Fight Night edition of Impact, which will be held in Peoria, IL.

    Hardy or Roode will have the 1st call out of the night, meaning the 6 BFGS matches will happen.
  5. I'm rooting for Roode.
  6. Someone will sticky this someday, I reckon.
  7. God forbid :henry:
  8. :mog:
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  9. Lets go Hardy!
  10. This thread makes me so happy! :yay: Thanks, Test!

    BFG time again, brothers!
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  11. YES! BFG Series time, baby! 4 months of good Impact confirmed! :win:

    Lets Go AJ... nah, that's too predictable... Hardy! Nah lets let someone else have it... :hmm: Aries and Roode? :haha: Nah, them facing each other at BFG is too great to pass up. Hernandez! :eww: Oooh, oooh, oooh, Crimson! :tough: ahh fuck it go Joe
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  12. Routing for Daniels, because im 100% sure he wont win.
  13. No Chavo no party.

    Go Styles!
  14. Teflon prediction on who enters the Final Four:

    - Jeff Hardy
    - AJ Styles
    - Magnus
    - Bobby Roode

    Dark horses: Joseph Park & Samoa Joe
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  15. Let's go Magnus :yes:
  16. I would love for Magnus to win this, but I think Joe or AJ is more likely.
    Final 4: Magnus, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode.
    I wouldn't rule out Joseph Park doing well either.
  17. Leaderboard following IMPACT:


    - Mr. Anderson def. Joseph Park via pinfall
    - Austin Aries def. Jay Bradley via pinfall
    - Christopher Daniels def. Hernandez via pinfall
    - Magnus def. Kazarian via submission
    - AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe went to 15 min time limit draw
    - Jeff Hardy def. Bobby Roode via pinfall
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  18. GG Magnus. :woo:
  19. Lets go Magnus! #DoIt4Britain
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  20. AJ:

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