Official Blue Discussion Thread (Tweets, gigs, etc.)

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Hannah Bee, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Imma go do a BLFFL post! :yay:

    What the title says. All my Blue stuff is compiled here from now on. CO-BLUE MARKS CAN POST TOO! <3


    DUNCAN HAD A TV SERIES! :emoji_slight_smile:) It's so funny, go check it out.

    1st part, episode one of PLUS ONE:


    I also need a good username that is related to Blue and/or Duncan! Give me some!
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  2. No one else will post here, you know that? Blue are a washed up has been band. #Pipebomb
  3. :(( :cry::upset::sad:

    But I like washed up, has been bands! </3 Still much better music than One Direction! :((
  4. I liked 'Flying Without Wings' by them.
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  5. :ohgod: :dafuq: What is this?
  6. That's Westlife. -_-
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  7. I want it that way is one of my favorite songs :yay:
  8. Backstreet Boys... #GetYourFactsStraight

  9. Thats what makes you beautiful!!! :gusta:
  10. One Direction. :finger:
  11. Just finished "Plus One"! :emoji_slight_smile:) Awesome show with a lot of laughs! <333

    Well, I'm gonna get a customized shirt today. Blue-related because they don't have an official merch. Ideas? <3
  12. I wuved No Strings attached! Best awbum ewwa! :yay:
  13. 'N Sync. :bury:

  14. How did this get two pages? Jesus.
  15. #DoNotUnderestimatethePowerOfBlue
  16. How's my new avatar? <3 #TotalchangesInProfileToBeDone
  17. I like this song :emoji_slight_smile:

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  18. :dafuq: My co workers were singing that when I left... and yeah I like Blue, Welcome to the Jungle, and November Rain are real nice smooth songs.
  19. Thank you Vince for not trolling! <333 I love that song too!


    They're not from BLUE! :((
  20. Gonna get a customized Blue shirt to be printed tomorrow! <33333333

    Also, watching "Eurovision: You Country Needs Blue" documentary! <3 :emoji_slight_smile:)

    Link = (OK that's already part 3)
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