Official Bound for Glory Betting Thread

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. Available bets here.

    Read the rules before betting please. As always I do take custom bets but if they're not realistic I won't accept them.

    Reason why it's late is because I doubt there's as many users willing to bet on TNA, I don't really see this thread doing as well but it's worth a shot.

    Oh and my avatar/sig space is not up for grabs.

    Current bets:

    - Lacky is betting on Tara beating Miss Tessmacher. If he wins, he wins the legend betting award. If he loses, he donates $5 to the site.
    - Dolph'sZiggler is betting on the WTTCOTW to retain at BFG. If he wins, he gets to control my favourite superstar/title for 3 weeks. If I win, I control his.
    - Testify is betting on Tara beating Miss Tessmacher. If he wins, he wins the legend betting award. If he loses, he puts Crayo is the GOAT in his sig for 1 month.
    - GrammarNazi82 is betting on Sting/Bully winning. If she wins, she gets a second sword. If she loses, she donates $5 to the site.
  2. Also, I'm willing to put more bets on the page. They were the main appealing ones I saw from the suggestions thread.
  3. Why didn't you put Al FUCKING Snow actually beating Joey Ryan? I mean, it's 2012.
  4. Enters

    Sees Crayo is too bitch made for a sig bet

  5. Would anyone really bet that lol?

    Willing to sacrifice half my sig for you.
  6. Probably would not, but still. You gotta give people options. :ryan:
  7. How about WTTCOTW retaining odds are stacked against them, and they've got to drop the titles at some point.
  8. Only logical bet is Tara beating Tessmacher.. I'll refrain myself from this thread unless you post something about Storm and Roode.
  9. About Storm and Roode there is a bet about King Mo not getting involved.
  10. ^ Well That's not gonna happen lol
  11. Which is why there is a bet on it, the bets are supposed to be unlikely
  12. ^ Yeah but everybody knows all of the current bets are not possible to beat Crayo on... TNA is to predictable on a lot of their PPV's.
  13. Well crap.... I wanted to place a bet before leaving for the weekend, but now I don't know which one to bet on. :upset:
  14. I bet on Tara beating Miss Tessmacher if I win, I get the betting award and if I lose you get $5.
  15. Huh? TNA is much less predictable than WWE.

    If none of the current bet options appeal to you, you're welcome to suggest a new public one or come up with a custom one for us :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Will add now buddy.
  16. Thanks. :otunga:
  17. Do you watch TNA ppvs? they are no where near as predictable as WWE ppvs
  18. This. Which is why I'm racking my brain trying to decide which one to bet on. lol I'm going to participate in the predictions thread, too, but am not counting on having much luck there either, because there's no telling what might end up happening. :otunga:

    Crayo -- I would, but that might hurt my brain. :haha: I'll pick one out in a minute. I'm thinking over my predictions, too. I've got to win that dang cup one of these days.
  19. OK, here goes....

    I bet on Sting / Bully winning. If I win, I get a second sword. If I lose, I donate $5 to the forum.
  20. Meh

    Since you said avatar/sig space, let's do a title bet & favorite superstar bet. A step below av/sig but still someplace to remind everyone that you suck at betting

    I'll watch impact really quick and lyk my bet soon. I'm probably either taking Sting/Bully or going off the grid like a sir
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