Official Buckethead Discussion Thread (Tweets, gigs, etc.)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. :dawg: Buckethead doesn't tweet or anything, so just gigs and songs here.
  2. It's awesome that you took my route. XDD
  3. What route? One does not simply make a thread about Buckethead and take someone else's route.
  4. And since this is a music thread, here's one:

    For Mom part of the album Colma and a acoustic and shorter version appears on Acoustic Shards. The reason for this song is of that the name, for his mother. Part of the whole colma album, during the time he made the album his mother was having a battle against cancer, he made this album for whatever the result may be, for her or a tribute. She managed to pull through, so this album was both something to listen to and a reminder of what he could have lost. Like most of his songs, For Mom is an instrumental song. Unlike his other songs prior to the album, Colma was a gentle side. For Mom is 5:11 of soothing, more towards the happy emotional side of Buckethead. Just like most mothers this song shows how life is, happy and joyful, even when life gets you down, seeing your mother's smile and hearing her voice can bring a smile onto your face.
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