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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Lady Deathbane, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. Copied off of the anime thread by William.

    Just a thread to discuss your favorite (or hated) cartoons from any era.

    I don't watch much cartoons anymore; however, there is one that I currently obsess over more than WWE and that is Avatar: The Last Airbender and it's prequel show Legend of Korra. It's my absolute favorite show right now and probably will be for a long time. Other current cartoons I also watch are My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Adventure Time and Regular Show.

    I definitely don't want to type out every single cartoon I've watched my whole life but I DID list every single show I've watched in my entire life on Facebook (I know, I'm a fucking loser, got it.) and here's a screencap of it. Just look past the non-cartoon ones. I also did try and list them in order of when I started watching these shows. You wanna' talk about 90's cartoons? I'm your fucking man.

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  2. I don't watch any new cartoons but the old ones like Johnny Bravo and Tom and Jerry were great.
  3. Both of those were alright. Tom and Jerry is definitely one of the legends in cartoon history, though.
  4. Man I watch a LOT of cartoons. Lemme list my Top 5, in no order.

    -Adventure Time
    -Avatar (don't got the time to watch Legend of Korra)
    -Powerpuff Girls
    -Johnny Test
    -Fairly Odd Parents
  5. I actually didn't watch Johnny Test as a kid, but I watched the rest on your list. Powerpuff Girls is also a legendary one since most of my guy friend actually admit to watching that show, ahaha.
  6. Adventure Time annoys me beyond belief. Fuck that show.
  7. Watched anything when you were a kid? :hmm:
  8. Yeah, mostly the typical old Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon stuff.
    For some reason my mind's going blank atm, but shit like Dexter's Lab, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Ren and Stimpy etc.
  9. Ah classics. Loved all the ones you listed. :smug:

    Did you ever watch Ren and Stimpy when it got moved to Mad TV? Shit got really, really weird, lmao.
  10. -Batman Beyond
    -Batman: Animated Series
    -Duck Dodgers(before you say it, yes it's because of Dave Mustaine)
    -Justice League

    Really enjoyed the most out of these cartoons then any other ones. I'm attracted to Super Hero shows for some reason. Possibly just because I know most of the characters already, but it's still cool watching each one. Static Shock gets an honorable mention, I'll throw in MLP for a few episodes are still entertaining to me.
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  11. Superhero shows didn't attract to me when I was a kid for some reason, but I did love the fuck outta Static Shock. Watched it almost every Saturday morning on the WB. :obama:
  12. Static Shock/Batman crossover episodes were pretty sweet :obama: Marked when they crossovered with Batman Beyond
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  13. OH WAIT DUH, Teen Titans counts too. :dawg:
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  14. I forgot about it too :mog: I liked the show, just wish that Batman would have made a appearance :sad:
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  15. SAME DUDE. Gah. Sadly they stopped it when the comics ended. :downer:

    I still remember that subtle mention of Batman when Slade said the he would be Robin's father and then Robin looked up to the sky and said he already had one and bats flew around in the sky.
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  16. Was going to say that. Marked for that reference. It would have been nice if Batman showed up when Raven's father did. That would have been awesome :why: I never did see the comics for teen titans, all I know of is that Starfire on her comics sleeps with everyone.
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  17. LOL REALLY? That sounds hilarious. It's better than that Teen Titans GO! shit they're doing now and having her be the lovestruck blonde (without being blonde). I miss the original badly. I'm gonna be honest here and say that I use to have a crush on Robin's character. :dawg:
  18. I saw parts of it, it looked like a drag. :/ just another way to make money by using a old show's name really. And Robin was pretty badass :true:
  19. Lol, I mean, it's alright for what it is, a fun, little chibi short episodes, but they did downgrade the characters so much though.

    You do get some pretty funny scenes sometimes. I was giving the show a try and it was just a random episode about Robin learning how to drive and something else was going on with the other titans (but i forgot what exactly lol) and then they cut back to Robin slapping to some ghetto-ass music LOL

  20. I super loved Teen Titans! ; - ;

    Marvel sucks on cartoons. (SHH was a good one though)

    Can we get a 90s Music/Live Action Shows/Boy band Threads
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