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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Robbie Coletrain, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. The Championship thread is finally here!
    Discuss everything Championship, probably only going to be me Seabs and Mark in here but we are all excited for the season so :finger: all you glory hunting rejects.
    May the best Middlesbrough get promoted. :smug:
  2. Hibs seem decent this season so I'll probably be more interested in football as a whole than I was last year.

    Barnsley (Where my Grandad used to live) and Cardiff(I like it there + my junkie Uncle used to live there) are my championship teams, I don't really care that much about them though :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Glory hunting rejects = win.

    Anyway I'm fucking gutted I couldn't get to Derby tomorrow, usually love first game especially away. But least I'll see us getting raped by Brum before turning it on against Milwall. How's the boro shaping up this season?


    Barnsley? I feel the need to fight you now.
  4. I've only been to two away games, I go to all the home ones though, think you'll beat Derby tbh, and you better beat Millwall dirty s****, anyway Boro have actually made a crap ton of signings so far, obviously Woodgate is on a pay as you play so that is an amazing signing, a forward called Ledesma also who from the games i've seen looks a right handfull and so far for us has 2 goals in 2 games, Carayol is a winger (we finally have one, haven't had a proper one since Morrison) seems alright, nothing special but at least we have a winger, Stuart Parnaby has come back to the club which is great, needed a good RB. And to top of all that we've kept a couple of big names such as Bates, Williams, Emnes and Bailey so i'm much more optimistic now than I was, In Mowbray we trust! Think we have a chance of the PO now tbh.

    But how are Wednesday doing in the transfer market?


    Don't mind Barnsley tbh but hate Cardiff, they knocked us out of the FA cup in the QF and it was our best chance of winning ever, and they cost us a place in the PO :((
  5. As I live in Leeds, I would consider them my "Championship" team. & I love the fact everyone hates the fans, the club, the owner, the manger, and El Hadj Diouf! :haha:
  6. Oh yeah! My Grandad always goes on about how he can't stand Sheff Wed :burns:
  7. LEEDS!?!? :gtfo: of this thread!
    Jk anyway we've got to get our own back on Leeds after last season, and Diouf spat on the Boro fans so that's why I hate him, good player but a dirty piece of s*it aswell.
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    I love away days, did a fair few last season which was fun as most of the grounds were terribad lol. I actually prefer them to home games a lot of the time. Can't see us beating Derby tbh, we were really bad in the cup during the first half so they could well rape us if we play similar although they did ship 5 and go too extra time, just hoping Mattock starts at LB the kid is an absolute star IMO.

    Woodgate if fit is the best player in this league by a long way IMO, has he had much of a preseason? Carayol is the kid from Bristol isn't he? Looks to have great potential if so, I agree you'll float around the Play offs possibly 5th or 6th if you have a good run. Also has the Emnes to Swansea link died completely? I know it was heavily rumoured at one point.

    We've made some pretty good signings IMO, especially with Gardner and Antonio who'll be our main outlet this season, he's a really strong quick winger with a sweet cross, its just a case of whether he'll step up to the Championship, from what I've seen he will but I can't say for certain obviously. I honestly see us beating Milwall for some reason also lol, just hope we don't piss off their fans too much :urm:
  9. I don't know why Warnock has signed him, If he hated him so much. He's a good player, but did nothing for Doncaster last season.
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    I challenge your grandad to a duel.


    Its Warnock, he's an idiot :haha:
  11. He's in Japan just now though :emoji_slight_frown:
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    Will he come back as Lord Grandad?
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  13. Derby just usually flop in the league though and with Wed just coming up Derby won't really know how to play against them.

    Yeah I agree about Woodgate, if fit him and Williams will be unstoppable at the back, he played a couple of games but he was on the bench for most of them, we were just playing the kids, some of them look very impressive aswell. Yeah Carayol played for Bristol City I think, he does look like he'll be a good asset to the team though. The Emnes rumours were very true, we were close to finalising a deal but when Rodgers went to Liverpool the Assistant Manager wasn't interested in signing him so perfect timing lol.

    Tbh I think Wed might surprise a few, I mean who would have expected Southampton to go straight up? I've seen Wed a couple of times and atm they look like a decent Championship side, I mean obviously you won't be challenging for promotion atm but if they can build a strong side in the next couple of years and fill in some gaps that need replacing you can definitely get close or even into the PO imo.

    Yeah the Millwall fans are horrible, when they were away at us they weren't there for the football, they were just looking for trouble all day, scum of football imo, i've seen them throwing rocks at an OAP bus, disgraceful.
  14. On a side note, has any one done a Championship Fantasy team?
  15. Not as far as I know, but tbh I don't know enough Championship players to do it, i'd just get all the Boro players and a few others, only reason I watch the Championship is to watch Boro and a few others tbh, i'd be better off just doing the PL one.
  16. Yeah I suppose it is a little bit harder, than doing the PL one.
  17. Yeah, if there was one i'd probably still give it a go though.
  18. Anyone watching Hudders Cardiff on Sky tonight?
  19. I might watch, I think Cardiff will win though. I'm looking forward to seeing how well Jordan Rhodes plays this year.
  20. I'll watch it, hopefully Mark will be on so we can laugh if they lose, could be a really good Championship game.
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