Official Discussion for 2/21/12 LIVE Smackdown!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Asskicker, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. WWE Super Smackdown! ~ February 21st, 2012


    Start Time
    US - 8/7c on the USA Network ​
    UK -Wednesday February 21st at 1am, Sky Sports 3 / HD.
    Other ways of watching can be provided.​

    BMO Harris Bank Center Rockford, Illinois.Checked on Stubhub and there are only 10 tickets available so this could be a good crowd​

    What to expect
    Fallout of the Elimination Chamber PPV It is live so it is expected to be a special Smackdown!​
    This is RTWM, and CM Punk is expected to be at this week's Smackdown!​
  2. Finally, a live SmackDown. Hope it better than the recent SD shows.

  3. Yeah or else I'm having a problem with putting a picture up for the thread like in other threads.
  4. Picture doesn't load for me either, but this netbook has a mind of its own.
  5. @[Thewindyfan] Fix your thread layout. The picture and font is not correct.

    I will be here tomorrow though.
  6. Will be here as always. First ever live SmackDown discussion thread.

  7. Well I don't know how to fix the picture as I did what I usually do and it is not working! I will try again though! @[RKO]
  8. If you want I can edit it? I may be able to get it to work.
  9. Punk vs Bryan tomorrow!
  10. @[seabs] edit the font tags too.

  11. Thanks @[seabs] . Really helpful because I am not used to the format so I don't think I will be posting this threads commonly lol
  12. Fuck WWE if Punk loses to Bryan.

  13. I'm guessing Sheamus will interfere against Bryan, or Jericho to Punk. The match should get a good 10 minutes though, last time they were great on RAW.
  14. Funkasaurus or riot

  15. You better call my momma ?
  16. Wasn't there a report of him being repackaged or something? So lame.

    Anyway, since it's a "Super SmackDown", which other RAW stars are we seeing tonight?
  17. Wait, PUNK vs. BRYAN is tonight? Live? I'm in, mofos!
  18. Hell yeah, we had to wait ages for it but now we've had it twice in 2 months? Don't care, last time they put on a great match.

    Just needs decent time that's all.

  19. Doubt we'll get decent time for them to be honest.

    I'll be here for the show tonight. Looking forward to it, so I have high expectations, especially since it's live.
  20. Last time they did, so I hope they do the same.

    Yeah live SmackDown's have been great recently, so hope this one is too.

    @[RKO] you watching live tonight?
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