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    Begins: June 8th
    Quarterfinals: June 21st-24th
    Semifinals: June 27th-28th
    Finals: July 1st



    My predictions:
    Advancing from the group stage:
    A.) Russia, Greece
    B.) Germany, Holland (sucks for Portugal being stuck in this draw)
    C.) Spain, Italy
    D.) France, England

    Holland vs Spain
    France vs Germany

    Spain over France
  2. Nice thread. Not sure about your love over France though...

    My predictions are almost identical, but I'd take Germany over France. Also, can Spain and Holland even meet in the semi's? That table confuses me.
  3. In my predictions Holland would be the runner up of Group B and face Russian/Greece (whoever wins Group A) in the quarterfinals. I think the Dutch easily handle whichever Match up they would be faced with and move on

    It would look like this:

    Russia (winner of A)
    Holland (runner up B)

    Spain (winner of C)
    England (runner up of D)

    on one half and

    Germany (winner of B)
    Greece (runner up A)

    France (winner of D)
    Italy (runner up C)

    in the other

    As far as France, lol idk.. Because I'm high on them they probably won't even get out of group and Sweden/England will. I thought they looked good against the US in a friendly late last year and they defeated Germany recently in a friendly. They obviously have hella talent but tend to implode during big events. I'm putting my money (not literally) on Ribery and Benzema and seeing how the ball rolls.

    They will probably fall to Germany, but just in case they sneak by I want to be the one guy who called it.
  4. Haha fair enough.

    If France do turn up and play well, I also think we'll be runners up which means we get to demolish Spain :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:!! Pfft.

    Holland > Germany imo and I think they'll win their group and not see Spain until the finals. Holland looked hella' good in their 6-0 anal rape over Northern Ireland where as Germany have been pretty shite recently.
  5. I hope so because I'm a big fan of the Orange. That is a brutal Group though.. can't count Portugal out with the talent they have. It honestly wouldn't shock me to see Portugal push through and either the Germans or Dutch get left out in the cold.
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    More Predictions will be up.

    This for the upcoming football/soccer Tournament for Euro 2012.

    Which like the World Cup happens every four years. In case people didn't know



    and france in final?
    At this moment I don't see this happening
  7. If I had it my way the Germans would get left out, but they're just so consistent in big tournaments. Portugal are a weird team. One minute they win 8-1 in the world cup, then they lose 6-0 to Brazil a month later. If Ronaldo & Nani perform then they have an epic chance.
  8. Here are my outcomes... It's a family poule we do every championship. :lol:

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    Seems legit..
  9. Come on dude, can you at least spoiler this shit so I don't have to scroll past 20 videos? You already posted this in your thread, you don't need to load this thread up with your video game crap

    not trying to sound like a dick, but I'm sure I do
  10. I spoilered it. I need to add more report options I think.

    Anyway, not bias at all there Jose :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. Can I get a translator for what Jose posted? I don't speak Dutch. It looks like it says he thinks Holland is going to win, but that can't be right.
  12. I don't watch football :upset:
  13. I know it's a bit obvious since I'm Dutch, but they have a good chance winning it, don't they?


    Quarter finals:

    Greece vs Germany
    Holland vs Russia
    Spain vs England
    France vs Italy

    Semi finals:

    Germany vs Spain
    Holland vs France


    Spain vs Holland


    The Netherlands (Nederland)
  14. I wouldn't say anyone has a 'good chance' of winning it besides Spain lol.

    If I were to hand out the odds I'd say Spain has about a 70% chance, with the remaining 30% being spread between Germany/Holland and much smaller %'s going to the French, Portuguese (never know), Italian, ect
  15. Not sure about France, and did you see how they want to form Italy's forward line.. :dawg:
  16. I was splitting a 10% chance between France, Italy, Portugal, England, ect. I don't think they have much of a chance at all.

    And no, I haven't seen anything about Italy's formation
  17. You should have used the Steiner smiley.
  18. #MissedOpportunity
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  19. Advancing from the group stage:
    A.) Russia, Czech Republic
    B.) Germany, Holland
    C.) Spain, Italy
    D.) France, England

    Holland vs Spain
    France vs Germany

    Holland vs Germany - Germany wins.

    Sweet dreams people!
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