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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Rate RAW between 1/10 and post a detailed reason why.

    Will update mine tomorrow as I've got to go now. Feel free to discuss as you please here, but no flaming.
  2. I rate this a 4/10.

    The reason I rate this a 4/10 is due to the poor opening, the lack of matches, the excessive amount of commercials and promos and poor booking. The show started off with a 30minute segment from the shovel himself, Triple H. The segment was just complete trash and it cut to an Undertake vignette saying it's not over and that he'll give Triple H one last chance. Big Show vs Daniel Bryan, ended in a count out- Big show wins. We had a segment of Otunga. Justin Roberts then reports that Triple H has booked Otunga into a match against Sheamus. Sheamus beat's him as expected, really predictable. That's us 45 minutes or so into the RAW Supershow. Complete bullshit. We also had a random a random diva 8 man tag match, which reportedly eve suffered a broken nose from. Jericho talks on the mic which was real quality. He talks about people copying him, etc; and also says CM Punk is the biggest copy of them all. We have a random tag team match which was Khali and Orton vs Barrett and Cody. Khali picks up the win by pinning Cody. Random and bullshit in my opinion, but hey whatever WWE. The last match was great, enjoyed it. I expected it to be a complete trash, but it was a great match. Jericho picks up the win and will be the last participant to be released from the Tripod's at EC. It ends of with Kane talking to Eve, don't remember what he said, though.

    That's my reasons.
  3. So Cena was missing? Is he filming a show, somewhere?
  4. 3/10

    - CM Punk/Y2J feud progressing, WWE Title feud made important
    - Taker/HHH progresses
    - Main event Alright

    - No John Cena/Kane feud progress
    - Horrible matches
    - Pointless segments (Kane/Eve segment)
    - Boring
    - TOO many Promos and Commercial Breaks.
  5. Yes, Cena wasn't on the show tonight. I'm unaware if he's filming or the reasons behind him not appearing.
  6. 1.5/10

    Way too many bull shit filler video packages, HHH boring monotone 20 minute opener, not enough Johnny Ace, fucking Khali burying Rhodes and Barrett, more shitty video packages.. it was horrible

    The only things worth a damn were Bryan's promo (which was okay) Jericho's promo (awesome) and the main event (pretty sloppy, but still mildly entertaining)
  7. "From out of the shadows, there will come a dark force holding a very valuable streak. It's a streak I covet very highly, because that which has not been buried, will soon be"
    -Helmsley, 2:6

    I give this raw a 5/10... That's not to say it's average. It sucked. Badly. But Raw has been this bad for so long that it's hardly anything special. I come into the show expecting a terrible product, but there's still the glimmer of hope that the show can turn around and actually become a quality product.

    I'm sorry for not being there during the live thread, so I'll give my thoughts on each segment.

    -God has to have his time. 20 fucking minutes that didn't accomplish anything, really, except put the crowd and the fans to sleep. There's no reason to do Taker vs. Game 3 unless HHH wins, and if that happens there will be riots. Randy Orton doesn't have anything to do, throw him at Taker.

    -Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show. Absolutely hate this feud, because that weak ass shoulder tackle Big Show did on AJ didn't look like it was anywhere close to having the implications it had. It may take her a while to get up and be hurting for a while, but paramedics? A month in the hospital? Really? Really? Really. This match didn't do anything.

    -David Otoola salvaged a little credibility by "not being ready to compete" and his prayer was funny, but this wasn't needed. Otunga's a jobber, it wasn't a real "burial".

    -Jericho comes out. I don't care. WWE has yet to give me a reason to care. Awesome promo, Punk's involvement was very well done. I don't know why they are teasing the Mania match now, it telegraphs the Chamber (even though anyone with two brain cells knows it will be one of these two)

    -End the fucking supershow, let this tag match happen on Smackdown and try to get some of the Superstars guys actual screen time, or, god forbid, actually push a heel on Raw. Other than Jericho there's no heel on the Raw roster that doesn't look like shit right now. And there was no reason to give Khali the pin, he's not winning at EC.

    -Tamina, Beth, and Nattie are pretty good... Eve and Alicia are competent, the Divas' division isn't that hopeless if WWE gave it a chance. Of course we don't know that since they don't have time to do anything.

    -Si:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ack Challenge was really good stuff. No complaints (except maybe have Kofi eat the pin and not Ziggler, but that's nitpicking).

    -This Kane storyline is hilariously inane. Eve has nothing to do with Cena, and Kane's obsession with him is purely comical at this point.
  8. Pretty much sums up my review.

    I mean SmackDown had 3 matches last night on RAW. Sheamus' squash, Big Shows boring match & the horribly put together tag-team match pushing a guy who seriously, can't, wrestle. RAW had what, 1 match? Or was it 2? Granted the match at the end saved the show somewhat from a massive 2 rating from me. I just don't understand how the show declined so much from last week.

    If this is an implication of what's more to come from HHH running RAW then I don't see a good future. Though it's still Vince at the moment, and all he's doing is prove that he's lost the flipping plot.
  9. I would give it a 4 although i fell asleep [may be reason lol boaring this week]
  10. The brand extension is supposed to be in place so they can showcase plenty of talent. But Alex Riley, Curt Hawkins, JTG, Mason Ryan, Michael McGillicutty, Tyler Reks... None of these guys are that bad (not even Mason Ryan is anywhere close to Khali's level of suckdom) Why keep these guys around if they're just going to rot away on Superstars in favor of Smackdown matches? Yeah, when wrestlers are off TV but remain on the roster for this long, it's laughable when they come back to TV... But why can't these guys even get a chance? Besides, putting Khali, who was buried before he left, in the chamber match over Hunico or Justin Gabriel is an outrage.

    I'm tired of ranting about it every week, there's no redeeming qualities about Raw anymore. HHH running Raw would be great for WWE, it will drive away enough viewers to make Impact competitive.
  11. I honestly hope Impact does become competitive in the next few years, last time WWE had something to compete with (well, WWF) they stepped up.
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