Official Impact Discussion thread for 18-10-2012

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    Come watch Thursday's huge LIVE IMPACT broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c Bound For Glory's aftermath starts


    The Impact Zone

    What will happen?

    Thursday's IMPACT will feature the aftermath of the "Bound For Glory" Pay-Per-View event! Tune in to SpikeTV for all the fallout and updates from the biggest TNA Pay-Per-View event of the year!

    Appearing will be NEW World Heavyweight Champion "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy, who regained the title on Sunday night in the "Bound For Glory" main event! Plus, how will Austin Aries react to the defeat?

    Also at "Bound For Glory", to the total shock of Brother Ray and the entire wrestling world, DEVON was revealed with The Aces & 8s! Now that he has been exposed, what will be the fallout? What does the gang have planned next? Don't miss Thursday's broadcast!

    New champions were crowned at "Bound For Glory" as Rob Van Dam captured the X Division Championship, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero became the new World Tag Team Champions and Tara won the Knockouts gold! The new titleholders are all scheduled to be at IMPACT this Thursday!

    Plus, news on the upcoming "Turning Point" Pay-Per-View event on Sunday, November 11 from Universal Studios in Orlando! Don't miss the biggest IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast of the year on Thursday night at 8/7c LIVE on SpikeTV!


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  2. Cool, I'll be watching the show, but not live.
  3. Updated the OP with the trailer for this weeks episode.
  4. Trailer you say? :win:
  5. This should be a good show, plenty of new champions.
  6. It be a preview Stop. :dawg:
  7. For the first time ever I'm more excited for an Impact show than Raw.
  8. Doesn't take much effort nowadays unfortunately, Raw is utter tripe.
  9. Most important Impact edition in years. Ratings must be high. It's go time TNA. Can't wait.
  10. I'll watch, but probably not live. Just depends on what time I get home.

  11. Hope you can make it live brother, but no brother. Looking forward to this and the outcome from BFG especially with Aces & Eights.
  12. No classes on Friday anymore... :gusta:
  13. So you can watch too? Leo C on a roll with the live threads. :boss1:
  14. Yeah, I can. I gotta go to school to help set up some stupid event they have every year, but it's half an hour after the usual time. Good enough for me :haha:
  15. Awesome, I'm glad you will be joining us again, which I'm also sure will be a good iMPACT.
  16. Yeah, let's see where they go with Hardy as champ... I'm curious.
  17. And BVD as X-Division champ..
  18. :eww: Yeah.
  19. I think I was the only one who knew RVD was going over. :lol1:
  20. I had it on the back of my mind. I could see it happening, just wasn't sure if they were actually going to do it, since it was pretty stupid. But then again, yeah, let's see where it goes.
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