Official Impact Wrestling discussion thread for 04-10-2012

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    [size=x-large]Impact wrestling discussion thread[/size]


    Come watch Thursday's huge LIVE IMPACT broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c as the road to "Bound For Glory" Pay-Per-View continues!


    The Impact Zone

    What will happen?

    The fight between Aces and 8s and Team TNA is set for Bound For Glory! "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan will not be allowed to enter the fight - so who will represent TNA in the battle? Don't miss Thursday's broadcast for details!

    Also on Thursday's huge event on SpikeTV, King Mo makes his IMPACT WRESTLING debut after being announced as the special enforcer for the Bobby Roode vs. James Storm match at Bound For Glory!

    Tensions continue to rise between "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy and World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries as their main event match at Bound For Glory draws closer! What will happen when champion and challenger cross paths on Thursday's IMPACT?

    Plus, IMPACT will feature Knockouts Tag Team action as Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher teams with ODB to battle Tara and Gail Kim

    All this and much more on Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV LIVE at 8/7!


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  2. Hulk Hogan can't fight is a good thing :obama: get more young guys to do the fight then.
  3. Gonna, post a pointless post. so...

    "Looking forward to this ep"
  4. Added trailer
  5. Thanks Boss.
  6. Was wondering why it took you this long to post.
  7. Wonder who Joe's first title defense will be.
  8. Don't forget to put the X Division on the show this time, TNA.
  9. [​IMG]

    According to their Twitters, Gunner and Kid Kash are scheduled for IMPACT Wrestling this week. No word on who their scheduled opponents will be.
  10. Wait... I thought Hogan AND Sting couldn't wrestle...

    shit. So Sting's going to be in this thing... :((
  11. Hogan can't. Sting apparently will. If Sting turns and ends up being the leader of A&8's I will facepalm so hard
  12. If it wasn't for the Hall of Fame induction thing it would be okay. But to have him go into the HoF and then turn heel right afterwards would be a nice throwback to an old TNA writer who's name rhymes with Uso.

    Otherwise, I'm fine with Sting being the leader (it makes some sense) but he'll probably be the other guy. So Sting would take a 3-on-1 beatdown, sell an injury for a few weeks as Aces and Eights wreak havoc everywhere, then he rides his white horse back to save the day I'd facepalm a whole lot harder than you would if he was merely the leader.
  13. My sources in TNA are saying Kid Kash and Gunner could attack King Mo this week live on Impact.
  14. *sees thread stickied on top of page..... wonders why the fudge a discussion thread from April 10 is on the top and also only two pages long ..... enters thread and recalls that some people like to write dates all nice and afflicted-like..... sighs heavily ..... rubs temple since my head is already throbbing*

  15. UK date > American date.
  16. :otunga:
  17. It so so isn't. ....Also, aren't there more Americans here now? Don't make me have to whip out another "America! Fuck yeah!" post. :smug:
  18. Afflicted date aside........ as per usual, I'm looking forward to this episode. The buildup to BFG should (hopefully) be nice. Tired of Aces and 8s and don't really care anymore, so will look forward to that ending hopefully sooner rather than later. Also don't care about ODB. Otherwise, sounds pretty good.
  19. I wonder if we're going to ever find out who the leader of the aces and eights is?
  20. Before bed went to spike website and watched the past 4 sodes' to catch up. Will discuss during live show tonight :-)
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