Official LIVE Impact Wrestling 2/28/13 Discussion Thread - #Lockdown

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. [size=x-large]IMPACT ZONE, ORLANDO; LIVE on SPIKE TV[/size]



  2. Probably the first time I'll say this, but Hardy coming back might make it more entertaining for me. It can only improve upon last weeks show anyway.
  3. :yay: Discussion thread!! Double :yay: :yay: it's iMPACT Day!!
  4. 2 female matches tonight, gonna be a lots of good ass bumping around combined with their solid wrestling skills too. :boss:
  5. Crap... just realized I may be late to the party. :downer: Have something to cover tonight that doesn't start until 6:15 (45 minutes before the show starts). Not sure how long it'll last, but hopefully it won't be too long, that way I can get back before I miss too much discussion time.
  6. Well, I always think Hardy makes it more entertaining, but his comeback may make it much better, wishing to watch tonight's Impact show
  7. Sticky this someone?

    Also, Impact Wrestling tweeted:

    "Join Knockout @TheTarynTerrell for a live Twitter Q&A one hour before tonight's #ImpactLive on @SpikeTV! Include #AskTaryn in your tweets!"

  8. Not watching tonight but looks like a very good show.
  9. #Sticky?
  10. Calm guys, I was just building up anticipation for the sticky.

    Weird to think this is gonna be the second last Impact in the IZ, hoping for a decent one. Although Hardy is gonna be back :upset:
  11. Time to go get this crap done. I'll post as soon as I can and start trying to catch up on the show once I get back.
  12. so evening then, recap of Hogan getting his ass kicked


    and Bully starts it off


    and Hardy returns now at the request of Bully, would rather have had just a final Bully Ray promo and have Hardy do his own promo, but lets see whats happens


    and i guess i am solo posting this atm


    yay and Kaz and Daniels out to break it up, could be a triple threat
  13. Gah, 10 minutes late..... not too bad at least.

    Turned on and see Kaz, Daniels, Bully and Hardy in the ring..... nice. :testify:

    Did I miss anything wroth rewinding for?
  14. :eww: Bully, that's just nasty ..... hilarious, but nasty. :lol1:
  15. Nah not a lot, nice respectful kinda hardy/bully promo, then Kaz and Daniels arrived, and hi
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  16. Sweet, got here in time then. Glad I wasn't too late.
    Hi there, pottsy. :otunga: Nice to see you here again.
    I think we'll be about it tonight, though.
  17. Well it's nice to have you here, thought i was gonna have to solo this for a while and try and be impartial for once
  18. There's no fun in that. :haha:

    "Why me? Why the hell not?"
    Love how they kept rather pathetically talking about a lot of names on the list.
  19. So lokks like Magnus in team TNA for the Lockdown match, and yeah no Taz tonight so far
  20. Don't really care about this match, but oh well.
    Can we have the end of the Hollywood Power Couple already?

    Ah well, at least I can enjoy Gail Kim on commentary.
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