Official LIVE Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread - 03/14/13 (Chicago, Illinois)

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    Preview Thursday's IMPACT: LIVE from Chicago on SpikeTV - Lockdown Aftermath!


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  2. Stole your thread Testify.
    Sorry. :sad1:
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  3. 3/14 TNA Impact LIVE from CHICAGO Discussion Thread



    Tonight, March 14, “IMPACT WRESTLING” will be LIVE on SpikeTV as we return to Chicago and the Sears Centre Arena on March 14. Chicago’s Sears Centre Arena was home to “Bound For Glory 2008” setting, at the time, the highest TNA attendance record.

    - Thursday's huge IMPACT will feature the aftermath of the Lockdown event! Tune in for footage and news as the fallout continues on SpikeTV!

    - Not only did Bully Ray win the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event at Lockdown, but he shocked the wrestling world by revealing he was the President of the Aces and 8s all along! The new World Champion - along with his Aces and 8s - will be at Thursday's LIVE IMPACT! How will Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke react to what happened? Will Bully Ray and The Aces have hell to pay on Thursday - or are they about to completely dominate TNA and IMPACT WRESTLING?

    - Team TNA was triumphant in the Lethal Lockdown match, as Sting led his warriors in a win over The Aces and 8s - but with Bully Ray now champion, the Aces are stronger than ever!

    - Plus, Thursday's LIVE IMPACT will feature the return of AJ Styles! The question is, what will AJ say to the wrestling world after his recent disappearance? What does his future hold - and what is the story behind the recent footage captured by TNA cameras?


    I may actually be able to watch tonight. Not sure if I'm going to go to work or not.
  4. lolmerged.
  5. Goddamn retards. Why would you not sticky the thread when he made it.
  6. His thread > mine. LMfao @ Styles looking like a homeless metrosexual
  7. It's the end of an era (Impact Zone), so it's OK.

    Looking forward to the live show, as per usual. Plenty of people here will watch tonight because of the Lockdown fallout, awesome.
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  8. Sadly, I may not be one of them. :pity: At least not live.

    I know I won't be on for the start of the show, and have no clue when I'll be able to start watching it, so may skip this week's discussion altogether. Hate to breakup my streak. But I'll watch it when I can.

    I'll miss you, pottsy. :upset:
  9. I'll watch. Chicago should be an awesome crowd too.
  10. :downer: The past few weeks of participating in TNA discussion threads with so few people here, and now that I'm going to miss it more people will be here that haven't been lately, like Crayo and D'Z. Dammit.
  11. :why: :sad:
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  12. That was pretty much my reaction, too. :upset:
  13. WWE's Chicago crowds are awesome, just imagine how great TNA's will be :yay:
  14. Don't worry, you won't be alone in your lack of discussion thread-ness.

    Was thinking "ugh impact day" then saw the AJ Styles photo and was all like :yay: impact!
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  15. This will be my second impact ever . Already got a prediction cup
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  16. This is going to be great, I'd love to see Hardy talking about his title lost and then ask for a rematch. Want to see Jeff against Bully in a no DQ match for the world title. Jeff could win at all because A&Es are with Bully but almost the rest of the roster would be with Jeff
  17. Loved that Aries video. This is such a huge step for TNA and as a fan, I'm so pumped for all the new crowds that will be witnessing Impact LIVE.
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  18. Cowboy James Storm tweeted:

    "Just left the doctors office. Was told I have the damn flu. Been laid up in bed since Monday. Body aches, even my hair hurts."
  19. Won't be here tonight, but looking forward to the show.
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