Official Live RAW Discussion Thread 23/01/2012

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Arrow, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. What do you suppose will happen this week?
    Match predictions?
    Jeritroll predictions?
  2. I reckon they'll sell the rumble, so expect to see RAW end with a non-finished brawl with all the superstars there. As for progression, I hope we see a contract signing or something so Punk can rant again. I love his mic segments, will be good to see Dolph (serious like last week) go against Punk too. Really sell the feud.

    Hope to see something different from funk man Brodus Clay. Interested in what Jeritroll will have for us too, since last week was very close to a blatant heel turn. Most boo's he's received since returning. As for Cena/Kane, last week sort of restored the feud. I'd want to see serious Cena beat another person down.
  3. Isn't RAW tommorow?
  4. It's Monday now where you are :emoji_wink:. And me.
  5. @[Crayo] I was like "DID I JUST FUCKING MISS THE FiRST HOUR OF RAW ??!!? :taz:"
  6. I wonder if Jericho will turn heel this week, enter the rumble, then win it. Then have a storyline after the rumble with CM Punk, being as Jericho might be a heel.

    John Cena is in beast mode now, so if he doesn't turn heel, I'm perfectly ok with that. I'm hoping it'll be Cena vs Ziggler tonight since Cena took out Swagger last week. Maybe this week Cena will take out Ziggler.

    As for the rumored battle royal, I'm hoping that Sheamus will end up coming out on top. That would be good hype for the rumble. Then Sheamus at the RR, would end up losing for sure.

    I'm also really hoping Ryder don't wrestle this week, and beats Swagger this Sunday for the US Title.
  7. :rofl: @[Tzesi]

    I don't want Jericho to turn here, would rather him win the rumble and turn the next night on RAW. Cena might not be in "beast mode", he's only had one beast mode session and that was last week, I hope he is though. Why would he take out Ziggler when Ziggler is the #1 contender for WWE Championship.

    When Sheamus appears on RAW I tend to just turn around in my comp chair and browse WF until his segment is over, him winning the preview would kill me.
  8. Damn I am so excited for tonight. The last raw before the rumble
  9. Think about it, a Jericho heel turn into the rumble, (if he won), would have his storyline set for the next 3 PPVs or so. Jericho actually draws in almost as large of a fan base as Cena right now, (in-crowd). Think about it, Kayfabe wants him to have his quick run as face, (to satisfy everyone), then turn heel at the rumble, win the rumble, then beat Dolph Ziggler at WM 28 for the WWE Championship.

    Also, if John Cena took out Swagger last week, (Vickie, Swagger, and Ziggler) are all together, so it wouldn't really surprise me if Cena had a rematch with Swagger, and Ziggler interupted, and got owned by John "Beast Mode" Cena. I would actually love that. Then Kane would do hi9s little skit, or maybe he would be the one interupting Cena's match.

    Also, why would it kill you if Sheamus won the pre-rumble match? He's a freakin beast in-ring. He plows over everybody, (heel or face). That's what I love about Sheamus, @[Crayo].

    Also, if Cena don't face Swagger, what do you think will happen with Ryder?
  10. Same, hope to see you in the thread tonight @[Tombstone Piledriver] :emoji_slight_smile:.

    He should be face at the Rumble and turn the next night. There's no way he's turning tonight. If he's in the Rumble he SHOULD win it, if he's not then I suspected he'll turn heel at the rumble by costing Punk. Or maybe he costs Ziggler the match acting as if he's still faced but turns heel the next night by saying he wants Punk. Who knows, that's what makes it interesting. But it's too soon for the heel turn atm.

    You want Cena to squash the number 1 contender for the WWE Championship? How in the hell is that good build-up for Ziggler vs Punk lol... I don't mind Cena squashing someone, but not someone relevant like Ziggler. Quite interested to see what happens with Kane this week.

    I guess Ryder vs Swagger will be official for the rumble, so they'll build that up. I suspected something like Swagger boasting he's champion with Ryder interrupting and acting serious for once.
  11. I can’t really see Ryder acting serious to be honest, that’s just not Ryders type of character. Then again, if he ever wants to get anywhere in the WWE, he will have to act serious so the other superstars will take him more seriously. I think within the next year, (before Mania 29), we will see Ryder as WHC or WWE champ. Which, if that’s the case, I really don’t mind that. I actually like Ryder. Did he ever wrestle before the WWE?

    As for John Cena, no, I would not like to see Cena squash Ziggler before the rumble, because I would like to see Ziggler as champ after the rumble… Then again, CM Punk makes a really good champ IMO. So that’ll be hard to say. Also, Johnny Ace said he was going to “screw Punk over”, so that’ll be a good match to watch. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the rumble.

    As for Y2J, I really wish he would turn heel soon, Who’s to say that it won’t happen tonight? Most likely not going to happen, but you never know. It could be good build up. What do you think will happen tonight with Y2J if there is a pre-rumble match? I know that if he wins, he won’t win the RR, that’s for sure. Anyone that wins tonight or Friday will definitely not win the RR come Sunday.

    As for the #14 spot, I could see Jericho getting that number in the RR if he’s only staying till summerslam. That’ll be Kayfabes way of continuing the spot #14 curse. I just hope it’s not Orton that ends up getting spot #14, I’d probably cry lol.

    Anyways, who will all be in the live discussion tonight? It’s sure to be one of the best RAW’s all year, so I wouldn’t wantto miss it, that’s for sure.
  12. Ryder was serious after he lost last Monday, he was decent actually. I wouldn't want Zack as WWE Champ or WHC though, not yet anyway.

    Good. Ziggles can't be squashed! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Y2J will probably just do one more appearance of not talking. I have no idea what he'll do though. He won't wrestle at all until needed to that's for sure.

    The #14 curse isn't kayfabe, it's not something WWE plan. It's just coincidence that whoever gets #14 has had something bad happen to them. Jericho won't be #14. He'll either be around the 20's, come out and milk applause and not actually compete (walk out of the rumble instead of being eliminated) or he'll be #30 and win.
  13. Should sticky this Crayo.

    Hope @[CM Punk] is here tonight, following your status order of persuading him :emoji_wink:.

    I'll be here.
  14. I will see if I can stick around.
    I'll try to be on later.
  15. Good news, where you been?
  16. Just busy with work and other stuff.
  17. What's your job? Completely off-topic lol.

    Not too long left for RAW :emoji_heart:

    @[Goldberg] will you be joining us? :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Possibly for some time. Depending on a few things I got going.
  19. About 5 hours left until Monday Night RAW guys :emoji_slight_smile:

    Off-Topic: I finally got to make a discussion thread @[Crayo] :emoji_heart:

    Also, about Ryder being serious, do you think we will see a promo by him tonight? Or do you think he'll be in the pre-rumble match up?
  20. Don't think he's ready for a proper in-ring promo yet, but I hope to hear him say something.