Official Member of the Month Face Off - December

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Seabs

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  2. Britanica

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  3. Lady Deathbane

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  4. Leo C

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  5. deth

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  1. Please vote in the poll out of the two user choices given for your MOTM pick.

    Your choices are Seabs, Britanica, Lady Deathbane, deth or Leo C. If you didn't nominate for any of these users before, please use your vote to whom you think has contributed the most out of these selected users.

    Same rules apply to this thread, keep it on-topic. Replying isn't compulsory, you cast your vote by voting in the poll, if you don't vote in the poll then your vote doesn't count.

    Voting ends in two days. Good luck.
  2. I thought seabs won.
  3. Voted Brit
  4. It's a face off, we run MOTM differently now. Top nominated users get put into a poll, it means all the users who received 1 vote only are eliminated and their votes can be used to accurately pick a winner.
  5. Ba-ba-ba-ba-britta
  6. I was voted for? :dafuq:

    Lol, well, thanks to whoever did! :dawg:
  7. Brit again, she was awesome during the month, lots of contributions with HQ posts and threads.
  8. Seabs, this is one of the worst ways to win MotM, congrats :smug:
  9. It probably was an accident :obama:
  10. Yeah, probably. :haha:
  11. More likely a big mistake, like being a punk mark. :pity:

  12. :pipebomb:
  13. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:

    Seriously though, you're second best option in my book, even though i still voted seabs over you.
  14. An LQ poster like me? Unlikely.
  15. Take your attempts to woo Lady to PM's, I cba to keep checking this thread.

  17. I only tried to :woo1: one member of this site and she's gone.

    Stop making the notifications so shitty. Someone quoted you, it was in your thread, someone else fucking replied, open 4 tabs....same topic.

    :smug: That being said, LY crayo, happy new year you soccer loving wwe mark.
  18. [​IMG]
    So does this tranny. Wait, same person?
  19. Or you can just be smart and disable the your thread notifications... I bet it didn't even enter your mind. #Wisconsin
  20. :lol1: :true: but i want some of them, just dont need the extra bs.

    Where do you live again?
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