Official Member of the Month Face Off - February

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. GrammarNazi

  2. Senhor Perfect

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  3. Britanica

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  1. Please vote in the poll out of the two user choices given for your MOTM pick.

    Your choices are GrammarNazi, Britanica or Senhor Perfect. If you didn't nominate for any of these users before, please use your vote to whom you think has contributed the most out of these selected users.

    Same rules apply to this thread, keep it on-topic. Replying isn't compulsory, you cast your vote by voting in the poll, if you don't vote in the poll then your vote doesn't count.

    Voting ends in two days. Good luck guys.
  2. @britanica IWT BABAY!
  3. Senhor, he offers the greatest balance between wrestling and casual content, Brit seems less of the wrestling side whilst Grammar is wrestling, a blend is needed and he holds that well.
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  4. When did brita pass me up? :pity2:
  5. Wooooow. Grammarnazi, hq badass great poster for sure winner.
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  6. Going for Senhor as well..

    Good dude, HQ, great user.
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  7. I can't decide between Britta and Senhor :sad1: , they all deserve it. :upset:
    Going with Senhor, sorry Britta and GN.
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  8. What happened to the overall vote?

    Sorry gohan... I was gonna vote for ya too
  9. Voted for the 1st Lady of the Forums - GN82.
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  10. Since my Original guy isn't in this, I'm gonna have to side my GrammarNazi82, whilst the other 2 members are very popular I believe they will earn more chances to be MOTM if they haven't already been.
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  11. Voting for Britanica, she has done a great job in the IWT section and is really friendly, in my first month here she has been really nice and kind with me
  12. This is going to be really close it seems, what happens if it's tie? A revote I'm assuming.
  13. I guess we could take the person with the lowest out and revote the top 2. If it's a 3 way tie! PROMO BATTLE!
  14. DX members are the best when it comes to promo battles. :otunga:
  15. I vote for GN to break down the gender barrier
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  16. This^^

    2 out of 3 are DX
  17. Voted for Sehnor.

    HQ and funny.
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  18. Voted for Britanica....Because I can :smug:
  19. 8-9
    Mine is for Senhor. Best rookie. A lot of wreslting stuff in just 4 months . Insane !
    Now thats perfect bro ! :otunga:
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