Official Member of the Month Face Off - January

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. Leo C

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  2. Senhor Perfect

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  3. Danielson

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  1. Please vote in the poll out of the two user choices given for your MOTM pick.

    Your choices are Leo C, Danielson or Senhor Perfect. If you didn't nominate for any of these users before, please use your vote to whom you think has contributed the most out of these selected users.

    Same rules apply to this thread, keep it on-topic. Replying isn't compulsory, you cast your vote by voting in the poll, if you don't vote in the poll then your vote doesn't count.

    Voting ends in two days. Good luck guys.
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  2. Comrade Leo.
  3. Senhor Perfect.
  4. I voted Senhor Puurrrrfect, my sexy bearded fellow
  6. Voted Leo C. So close this month, really is. Senhor has been posting a lot and has great levels of quality, and so has Leo C. The only reason Leo C sways my vote is due to how he hasn't won this yet and has been a contender every single month for ages, his level of consistency is awesome. Danielson has had an incredible month also, just unlucky to come against such high levels of quality this month else he'd be a shoe in winner.

    Love all three of them :sad:.
  7. Leo C is the vote for me
  8. Danny the Woodman Danielson because he told me not to.
  9. Went for Leo.
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  11. I've voted Danielson, just 'cause I can...
  12. Sehnor Danielson C
  13. I've voted for Leo C, he's a very active member of the community and posts good quality content.
  14. Danielson.

    But congrats to all three of these, all great. Leo C is #winning.
  15. Jesus tough call all three are epic and Senhor and Danielson are fast becoming legends. Same as Crayo though vote to Leo C purely based on his length of service.
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