Official Member of the Month Nomination - December

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  1. Here we go again. Please vote for who you think has been the best member of December. Before you vote, make sure you read the rules below.


    1) You can not vote for yourself or a Chairmen.
    2) You have to attach a reason with your vote, an example vote is given below.
    3) If you insult any other user who has received a vote or even voice your opinion on that vote, then your vote will be void and you'll no longer be able to vote. Keep your opinions to yourself.
    4) Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified.
    5) No off-topic posts here, I want this to be neat and tidy so it's easy for me to update.

    Example vote: "I'm voting for Seabs. He has been active in the wrestling sections and is a very friendly guy".

    Current leaderboard:

    Seabs - 8
    Testify - 1
    deth - 3
    GrammarNazi - 1
    Britanica - 5
    BrockLesnarFanForLife - 1
    Lady Deathbane - 2
    Leo C - 2
    Acailler - 1
    Jonathan - 1
    Aids Johnson - 1
    Danielson - 1
  2. Lemme go for Testify again, he posts a Lotta news.
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  3. I am voting for seabs. He is one of the most friendly and welcoming people on this site, is active in the wrestling sections and knows what he is talking about.
  4. I am changing my vote for GrammarNazi, she really deserves it. The last two were jokes, pleace sount this one.
  5. deth - funny and posts in the TNA forum.
  6. Just reminding users of this: :obama:

    I vote for seabs as he's the best member on the site.
  7. Britta - She's been the most active in my eyes
  8. BrockLesnarFan. Her threads and posts usually create some huge discussion.
  9. Another month... No votes...even though I gave a massive free advert -.-

    I vote Lady Deathbane because she has been uber friendly and helpful this month!!
  10. Leo C - makes lots of good wrestling posts/threads and very HQ.
  11. Aids so his e peen doesn't feel so inferior
  12. :fap: alright im finished.
  13. Seabs, massively overdue for such a great member.
  14. Seabs - Revolution X
  15. Real reason please.
  16. Was wondering if youd ask or just not count.:obama:

    We should have a post link or something for reasons like that, but it makes so much more work for you.
  17. seabs cause he creates great discussions. :downer:
  18. I nominate Senhor Perfect. He's been awesome this first month, active and HQ. I know he's new, but he's impressed me. Best newbie run since, me :smug1:
  19. Im throwing my vote to Accailer as he is a great poster and even tho he aint overly active his posts are quality plus he helped out the site with the advert so guy got my vote.
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  20. Britanica... Cuz she follows me on twitter.....

    You do dont you?
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