Official Member of the Month Nomination - February

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. Here we go again. Please vote for who you think has been the best member of February. Before you vote, make sure you read the rules below.


    1) You can not vote for yourself or a Chairmen.
    2) You have to attach a reason with your vote, an example vote is given below.
    3) If you insult any other user who has received a vote or even voice your opinion on that vote, then your vote will be void and you'll no longer be able to vote. Keep your opinions to yourself.
    4) Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified.
    5) No off-topic posts here, I want this to be neat and tidy so it's easy for me to update.

    Example vote: "I'm voting for Seabs. He has been active in the wrestling sections and is a very friendly guy".

    Current leaderboard:

    KLockard23 - 2
    Senhor Perfect - 6
    Rain - 2
    Aids - 2
    GrammarNazi - 5
    CM Punk - 1
    Mustafar Reginald - 1
    Britanica - 4
  2. I'm voting for Klockard23, he's active and makes great posts.
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  3. Can I vote for myself AND a chairmen? :dawg:

    I am going with Senhor Perfect. He is kind, posts tons and is always active. Great IWT member as well. :obama:
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  4. Going @Rain he has been on almost all discussions, was first MotM and deserves it again, and again, and again.
  5. This month my vote is for Aids, he's been very active in all sections, and he and I have really hyped up the IWT.
  6. My vote goes to Senhor Perfect. Really active member and has good/funny posts.
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  7. For this month, gotta' give Rain my vote. Dude's been even more active lately, participates in every discussion thread he can (both WWE and TNA) and has numerous posts in wrestling sections, all around good member.
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  8. Gotta give @GrammarNazi82 my vote this month. I feel compelled to. She's always been a good member and I loved her gaming thread!
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  9. I vote Senhor Perfect. Normally people slow down their activity eventually, Senhor is the exception and you would think his posts are spam, but they're not.
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  11. :cornette: Give us :smooches:
  12. OH HELL NO!
  13. *bloody *have *fucking

    Ironically, voting for GN82 for dominating the discussion threads the way she does and being more active lately, keeping the Other Wrestling section alive and making the NWO board tremendous fun.
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  14. @aidsjohnson

    He isn't being a dick anymore and posts a lot
  15. tough call between Aids & GN. Going GN
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  16. Updated.
  17. Aww, thanks!!
  18. I'm going with Grammar. Always interesting/funny posts and has been active this month. Would have been tempted by Rain but he has already had it before which made my mind up.
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  19. Going CM Punk this month, never really spoke to him during my time here until the last couple of months, he's really easy to talk to and made the :walter: smiley so that makes him an automatic boss, one of my favorite members on the site now and makes really HQ and fun to read posts.
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  20. My vote is going to aids very active
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