Official Member of the Month thread - July

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Same rules apply. One vote per user, no voting for yourself. You MUST post why you're nominating that person or the vote simply does not count. Staff can still be nominated, Chairmen can not. Any signs of cheating and that person will be removed from the vote. Don't turn this thread off-topic please.

    I am nominating Vince McMahon for this months MOTM. Every time I wake up there's hundreds of posts and most of them are his. Very funny likeable guy.

    Current leader board:

    Vince McMahon - 12
    Big Hoss Rambler - 4
    Leo C - 2
    Farooq - 1
    Dolph'sZiggler - 9
    GrammarNazi82 - 1
  2. :yay: I am appreciated!

    I vote for big hoss. he's this cute little quite guy who never bothers anyone but he's always there for live discussions and always uploads weekly shows and helps bring new members to the forum
  3. I'm nominating Big Hoss Rambler, very funny yet HQ poster, gets a lot of WWE related news very fast, has an epic sig and is the other half of the famed Otunga Alliance. :otunga:
  4. Leo C - The most HQ guy on here, his posts are funny whilst being well thought out, plus he posted a lot even though he had internet issues. Just a general GOAT in the making.
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  5. As reigning member of the month it is my pleasure to nominate someone who has been a high quality poster throughout the month. Always entertaining, never getting into feuds with anyone and who is always around. I nominate Farooq.
  6. I vote for Big Hoss because of his HQ posts, fast news posts, and he's a really likeable guy. He refers a lot of people here (thanks Hoss! :emoji_heart_eyes:, and that's a thing no one can match.
  7. Voting for Vince. Pretty much always the top poster and has been here for only a month and half with over 9k posts.
  8. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to posts.

    Dolph's Ziggler is always gold...

    If he lived close hed be welcome at the store....

  9. I'm also voting for Vince McMahon - He's hilarious and a really cool guy. He also posts a LOT.
  10. I almost feel like he's above this by now, but the unquestioned GOAT of this forum deserves at least one MOTM. The award just won't be legitimized until Dolph's Ziggler holds it.
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  11. Only because I can't vote for myself, I prefer Dolph'sZiggler to win MOTM. He's just the GOAT of the forums.
  12. I'm torn between a couple of users.. but I'm going to give a shout to GrammarNazi. She had her best month on the forums in July IMO.
  13. Raw 1000 review was incredible an for general posts - gotta be Dolph's.
  14. I've been thinking about it the past week or so, and my vote has to go to Hollywood Dolph'sZiggler. How he has not had that honor yet is beyond me. He truly has to be the GOAT of the forum. He posts frequently, and they're always HQ posts. His weekly reviews are always a joy to read. Whether you agree or disagree with them, they're always entertaining. He's just an all-around great member and contributor who should be recognized.


    I got a vote?? :yay: I feel all special now.

    OK, time to get serious again. :tough:
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  15. Thread updated. These Dolph's and GOAT comparisons are embarrassing.
  16. I do feel slightly bad for not voting Vince after he created the epic banner, but I'm standing by my vote!
  17. Voting for Hollywood D'Z, great review posts, sports section posts, and NWO runs this shit.
  18. Dolphs. :troll1:
  19. Not adding that vote. Read OP.
  20. Leo C


    Actually I change my vote to Vince. Final.


    Vince because he's been incredibly active at all the times I come on here, night or day.
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