Official Member of the Month Thread - September

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. Here we go again. Please vote for who you think has been the best member of September. Before you vote, make sure you read the rules below.


    1) You can not vote for yourself or a Chairmen.
    2) You have to attach a reason with your vote, an example vote is given below.
    3) If you insult any other user who has received a vote or even voice your opinion on that vote, then your vote will be void and you'll no longer be able to vote. Keep your opinions to yourself.
    4) Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified.
    5) No off-topic posts here, I want this to be neat and tidy so it's easy for me to update.

    Example vote: "I'm voting for Seabs. He has been active in the wrestling sections and is a very friendly guy".

    I'm not voting until near the end so people can't accuse my vote of swaying people's opinion.

    Current Leaderboard (will be updated):

    Lacky - 8
    Hollywood Dolph'sZiggler - 13
    Big Hoss Rambler - 1
    CM Punk - 1
    Waco - 1
    nWo Shawn Michaels - 1
    Dat Kid from Jersey - 3
    Leo C - 1
  2. I nominate Lacky because he's a great member.
  3. Hollywood D'Z because hq D'Z > most.
  4. Thanks for the nomination Jonathan It means a lot, my vote goes to BHR. He does a lot for this site which usually goes unnoticed, so my vote is for him.
  5. Lacky gets my vote. A high quality, active and friendly member who doesn't get in fights. He represents the site well.

    'Cause honestly, he really deserves it. The others do too, but IMO D'Z is really unnoticed.
  7. Voting for Lacky. He's the most active user on this site and it's school season. The top poster is always Lacky and has been like that for a long time. He participates in both TNA and WWE discussion threads and always comes out the top. His post has been pretty HQ lately also. Just recently, made a contest to give out a free upgrade as well and donated also.
  8. Travesty that he hasn't won it yet, easily one of the best posters on here - it's D'Z's month :true:
  9. I vote for D'Z. Poor guy is always coming in second. He's HQ, active, intelligent, typically grammatically correct, etc. It's beyond time he won MOTM.
  10. Let's make this one count for D'Z..
  11. My vote is for CM Punk because he was the first person I talked to when i joined.
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  12. Lacky because he is active and HQ a lot of the time in the wrestling forums.
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  13. Dolph's Ziggler because he is a WWE Fanboy.
  14. D'Z because now he has finally stopped this gimmick crap he is a really HQ and like able member, still bet he comes second again though lol.
  15. Lacky for helping keep the forum active :finger:
  16. I vote for Waco because he is underrated as hell. All of his posts are well thought out and worth reading.
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  17. I vote for Hollywood dolph ziggler, because his cheque cleared!


    He's awesome
  18. Voting 4 lacky because he's always on & he keeps threads active
  19. Stop replying and going off-topic, Jesus Christ is it that hard to understand?
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  20. :lol1:

    I vote for the HDZ, simply because he fucking deserves it. He's the true leader, and possibly into the greatness. He's like a double-fist of kangaroo, brother.