Official member of the month vote - August

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Stopspot, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Since Crayo is offline and people want this I'll make it. Feel free to hijack it later Boss.

    Same rules apply as always. One vote per user, no voting for yourself. You MUST post why you're nominating that person or the vote simply does not count. Staff can still be nominated, Chairmen can not. Any signs of cheating and that person will be removed from the vote. Don't turn this thread off-topic please.

    I am nominating Sackfist for this months member of the month. Incredibly high quality poster who puts a lot of time on this forum, even if maybe everyone doesn't notice it. Time for one of the unsung heroes to get his due.

    Current leader board:

    Sackfist - 2
    Farooq - 11
    Lacky - 3
    R'Albin - 2
    Leo C - 2
    AIDSJohnson - 1
    Vince McMahon - 1
  2. Farooq super long forgotten excess name - The dude posts news, is active constantly, has serious dedication the forum amongst other things. Definitely a top guy who deserves to be recognized.
  3. Ugh hardest month so far. I have no idea who to vote for between Lacky and Farooq. Both have been absolute top notch posters this month. For now I'm going to vote for Lacky because of his consistency with his posting. The only reason I could pick is because Farooq is getting something very nice soon #Spoilers.

    I'll let you control this thread Stop :emoji_slight_smile:
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  4. Please help with updating the leader board Crayo :otunga:
  5. So many people I could nominate this month, and I want to give them a mention, Farooq has been really HQ this month and topped of with the fact he is hilarious makes it even more difficult, Big Hoss Rambler is simply Big Hoss Rambler, he's so underrated and has deserved to either win this or be very close by now, Seabs hasn't really posted much at the end of this month but the first half of the month was simply one of if not the most funny user, makes me laugh with almost every post.

    But my vote this month goes to R'Albin, he's really HQ this month but in all fairness has been the whole time I've been on here, great guy, he's really funny and I enjoy reading almost everything he posts. Sorry for the big post but I felt I should mention all the ones I thought were great this month.
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  6. Done. Let me know if you want me to keep doing it, lol.
  7. OK no one still votes for me LOLZ. But it's all OK because more people deserve it than I do! :emoji_slight_smile:)

    I'm going with R'Albin. He's nice, top notch posts, but knows when to let loose. He's awesome. <33
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  8. when voting closes?
  9. I personally think Lacky should get MOTM this month. He has been of real quality this month, and I believe he will continue to remain of quality for a long time to come.
  10. Voting closes on Tuesday.
  11. Farooq
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  12. Updated.
  13. Motherfucking Farooq the GOAT.

    Why? Check Other Wrestling section. God.
  14. Leo C, he responds to all of the threads no matter what.
  15. The only comedian on here that legitimately gets a chuckle out of you, one of the coolest dudes on this forum, and a guy that can turn serious and know his shit when it comes to wrestling.

    Definitely voting for Farooq. :goat:
  16. I'm going to say Sackfist. It was down to Sackfist or lacky for me, but I decided with Sackfist. He's a dedicated member, and puts a lot of time into the Fed X forum, too.
  17. I nominate the current MOTM Vince McMahon. The reason I chose Vince is because he's tried his best to Improve the forum, in terms of Recruiting new people via Twitter. & With 150 referrals within a week I think he's doing a good job.

    So Vince gets my vote.
  18. My vote goes to @[THEAidsJohnson] for doing a wonderful job upgrading and being a leader for Team nWo
  19. Voting farooq, and Kia you are so awesome.
  20. Vince gets a big mention from me too, he's been awesome this month again.

    Also, updated.
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