Official Member of the Month Voting - November

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Dec 1, 2012.

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  1. Here we go again. Please vote for who you think has been the best member of November. Before you vote, make sure you read the rules below.


    1) You can not vote for yourself or a Chairmen.
    2) You have to attach a reason with your vote, an example vote is given below.
    3) If you insult any other user who has received a vote or even voice your opinion on that vote, then your vote will be void and you'll no longer be able to vote. Keep your opinions to yourself.
    4) Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified.
    5) No off-topic posts here, I want this to be neat and tidy so it's easy for me to update.

    Example vote: "I'm voting for Seabs. He has been active in the wrestling sections and is a very friendly guy".

    I'm voting for DannyWoods. Very active in the discussion threads, comes on every day and posts and is a friendly guy. Nearly voted for Leo C and Cloud, and a couple of others, but Danny edges it for me.


    DannyWoods - 2
    Leo C - 6
    CM Punk - 2
    Testify - 6
    True Warrior - 1
    Solidus - 1
    Lady Deathbane - 2
    Scarlette - 1
    KevinLockhard - 1
    Deth - 1
    R'Albin - 1
  2. Leo C. Been here a while, One of our most high quality members and well liked by everyone. Leo deserves this due to being so underrated
  3. I'm voting for Leo C as well. Very HQ member, has lots of posts especially wrestling, BITW.
  4. Nominating CM Punk, for his activity in the status bar, which is where I dwelled for this month :haha:
  5. I vote Testify... he's the only cat on here whose posts I can read and think I'm NOT (edited) reading some fantasy transcript

    Actually, Seabs/Crayo are pretty ace, but for the purpose of finality my vote goes to Testify
  6. True Warrior, he's always posting worthwhile material.
  7. A lot of the people I'd be tempted to vote for (GN, Seabs, Waco and Lockard) aren't very active at the moment, so I think ill go same again and vote for Testify, great wrestling knowledge and never fails to amuse me :boss:
  8. I'm voting for Solidus because he's a boss. :boss1:
  9. Im voting Leo C been here awhile an one of the lads i get on with on here.

    Special mention to Danny tho as think he's a top bloke an likin gettin to kno him better.
  10. Lady Deathbane. She may be a newcomer, but she's already being wonderful to everyone with her opinions and stuff.
  11. Leo C. Should have won it months ago. Respectful, quality posts, all around friendly guy.
  12. Testify, show some love for him seriously. He doesn't post in the WWE section much and gets ovvvvvver looked too often.
  13. Wow no idea how I overlooked Testify, I would change my vote but it's too late now.
  14. Lady Deathbane.

    A great user and although doesn't post a lot she is a valued member of the family.
  15. Im voting for Scarlette she is a very active member on WWE Forums which is great.
  16. Punk - What? He makes this place funny for me. :haha:
  17. Testify, because ... OH MA' Brother :testify:


    Also a good poster.
  18. Testify because he tickles my fancy
  19. Oh come on....I've been so bloody active in November, Brought 3 new members, involved in all sections and I had the thread with the record views in an hour with the Tevez thread ....AND I PAID FOR SOMEONE TO BECOME LEGEND....yet I still get ignored -.-
  20. I'm voting the bot. Everyday he/she posts quality content that can bring real good discussion, however he is seriously overlooked. Never had a vote in the MOTM, I believe?
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