Official Member of the Month Voting Thread - June!

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Simple, nominate one person and post why. You can not vote for yourself or chairmen's, Staff can still be nominated.

    For example, here's my nomination: I nominate Leo C because he's been posting HQ posts in the wrestling sections and lots of them.

    Since there were some "campaigns" for votes, any votes that do not pass the above rules will be removed and the user can not vote again after that. Please vote for who genuinely has been the best user this month in your opinion, no joking votes. Be fair.

    Thank you and good luck.

    Current leaderboard:

    - Leo C (3)
    - Acailler (1)
    - Stopspot (8)
    - Dolph'sZiggler (4)
    - AidsJohnson (1)
    - Seabs (1)
    - Big Hoss Ramvler (1)
  2. I want to nominate.....Welll.......err.....uh.........I think I can I don't remember who really impressed me.
  3. I gotta nominate Acailler then. He posts good posts, has good taste in wrestlers, is a very good member, and is a generally nice member,
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  4. Nominating Stopspot. He stole my threads, and I truely hate him for that. Still a good fella.
  5. Arianna please don't take this off topic.

    I'm voting for StopSpot for a few reasons firstly he's posted a lot of various threads ranging from news reports to opinion based threads which have been really HQ and he's interacted well within the community, for example provided me with a HQ link to NXT. Its been a difficult choice but that's my vote.
  6. Nobody really stood out this month, so I'll go with Leo C for the epic May he had. He hasn't had as many great posts this month, but he still brings it.
  7. @Seabs i sorry :yay:


    I nominate Big Hoss
  8. Don't post unless you're voting - simple.
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  9. Stopspot for me as well. Has been posting a lot of threads lately and very active also.
  10. Big hoss for me
  12. my fault i think he deserves it because of the HQ Posts :downer:
  13. Thank you :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. DolphsZiggler because without his contributions this site would be nothing memorable.
  15. Seriously? I'm going with Stopspot. Really good posts, is really active, and is really nice. (Sorry @[Vince McMahon].)
  16. I'm with the Dolph's Ziggler. Always makes me laugh. The Dolphswatchs Threads have saves me 4 hours of shitty wrestling watching

  17. I vote for AidsJohnson because he is the champ at rustling noobs jimmies
  18. Vote for Dolph's, BITW. Nuff said.
  19. I'm voting for stopspot. looked through his profile and the amount of threads he made this month is crazy O.O
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  20. I vote Leo C, lots and lots of HQ posts in wrestling sections.
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