Official MLB Playoff Discussion Thread (A's da best)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Seeing as Aids and I have a 26 page thread basically on our own from one game, I figure this could be a successful thread and we could let other baseball fans in on our discussions.

    Tomorrow we have the two WC play in games between Baltimore/Texas & St. Louis/Atlanta.

    My God I would mark so hard for another all Bay Area WS. Hopefully without the earthquake this time

    Who do you guys think will make the WS, and who would you like to see make the WS?
  2. Braves FTW. Chipper and Sheets last season, i am hoping they get their glory. Checking the times on the games tomorrow, looking forward to the discussions.
  3. Definitely rooting for ATL over STL.

    Overall in the NL though I'd love for SF or WAS to make it against the A's obviously from the AL. If not Oakland then baltimore fasho
  4. Yeah a's or o's vs Nats or braves, prefer nats. Gio is a boss, and zimmerman is from up north of here. Fuck the cards.
  5. The only thing more swagless than the Rangers is my manager
  6. lol @ no post season for chipper
  7. Cardinals are lame bro
  8. Feel bad for Chipper though. They had a great season and were overshadowed by the Nats.
  9. Rangers rally coming up
  10. Josh Hamilton sucks
  11. Just got in, heard about the 250 foot infield fly. Really sucks to see the best switch hitter of all time go, Chipper is as classy as they come.


    :upset: He doesn't SUCK over rated maybe


    O's vs Rays WS would piss Selig off something fierce
  12. Orioles and Rays are in the same league...
  13. And the rays aren't in the playoffs...
  14. Oops meant A's no idea why i said rays. My b my b. They not only are in the same league but same division. Ha


    I'm aware trust me, honest mistake. I know baseball well lol
  15. A's and O's are also in the same league.

    I'm hoping for an Oakland/Baltimore ALCS. Fuck the Tigers and Yankees
  16. Yeah dude no idea why i said rays? Just random as hell haha Murphy going yard here?


    What a collapse by the Rangers. That is down right disgusting. Buncha bums
  17. I want the Yankees to win since I'm a fan, but if I'd have anyone else win it'd be the A's.
  18. O's win

    They'll host games 1 & 2 against New York. Win those 2 and you just have to steal 1 of the last 3 in Yankee Stadium. This new format really blows for the higher seeded team
  19. O's and A's what a damn good story for baseball.
  20. Yanks will win the series if the pick up one of the two in Baltimore
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