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    I figure if we have an official thread we can discuss MMA more and maybe I will rekindle an interest in a sport I used to adore. Ashley, sort of like pro rasslin I tend to get heavier into MMA in the Feb.-Aug. months when murica isn't playin hand egg. I'll go ahead and give @Crayo a tag because he fancies himself a fight fan some days. @Stopspot you get a tag. you get a tag. everyone gets a tag. Seriously I think we might be the only 4

    Anyone watch the card over the weekend? I can't get into 125'rs personally, or really even 135'rs. 145 is where I draw my line for giving a fuck. OK i Lied I care about 1 135'r and that's Faber, and he looked great.

    12 days from now Silva will punk Weidman to take his belt back. Card also has chick fighting AKA Ronda vs Tate. Anyone want to make a friendly bet that Rondo doesn't take her arm home with her?

    Josh Barnette will ravage Travis Browne that night as well. And I mean ravage. Such a terrible mismatch but what can you do when that fuck head Browne KOs Horse Meat Overeem with sloppy luck ass front kicks. Chris Leben vs Urijah Hall look cool on paper

    Thoughts on the Dec. 28 card or any upcoming fights in general?
  2. Will watch last card tomorrow.
  3. Had a ton of 125/135 lb fights so I just watched the two main fights. Faber is one of my all time favorites so he is the one little guy I can watch anytime. Joey B vs Mighty Mouse was aight
  4. You're not into Barao? Dudes a beast. I also dig Dodson because he reminds me of when I was 6 and on a sugar rush. Obligatory fuck Cruz's pit pat here also.
  5. Hall vs Leben will suck dick as hall is mentally paper also you willing to forum bet on Chris tapping DAT ass again?
  6. Cruz is the worst. Barao is great but I never really loved him. He will likely wind up like Aldo at 145 and just run through everyone
  7. Every dime I have. Weidman doesn't have a change in hell
  8. oh and only reason hall vs leben could be cool is because we know Leben will stand and bang so somebody is getting KTFO.
  9. Bigfoot testing positive for enhanced testosterone levels.

  10. and Mark Hunt still fucked him up


    I do like that the UFC gives revoked bonus money to the opponent
  11. Will watch Ronda vs Tate. Probably live
  12. She's taking Tate's arm home with her and we all know it, but its still something you have to watch.

    Obviously you have to make a lot of qualifications about the following statement, but it almost reminds me of a Mike Tyson-esque feel (in the late 80s) when you KNOW some dude is showing up just to get KO'd but you haev to see it. Obviously lol WMMA compared to boxing, Rousey to Tyson, but she is becoming a big MMA draw, especially compared to any other WMMA fighter in the galaxy.
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  13. Ive never really watch MMA. Weird cause my dad is a judo blackbelt but he doesnt watch this stuff. All he does is to watch all judo rounds in the Olympics. Anyways, but dad showed me a vid of Ronda about 1 year ago and what can I say? The armbar is my fave submission maneuver. Love the way she fights.
    Probably the only thing i dont like about the MMA is when someone gets his/her arm broken in some nasty way...
    And yeah, i bet my ass off Tate isnt gettin to the second round
  14. tap or snap. Tate got her arm mangled in the first fight for being a dumb bitch
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  15. I know. Given the fact they have had all this Ultimate Fight shit, i dont see her tappin out instantly.
    She will break Tate's arm. Again.
  16. Wmma is a snorefest for me, Ronda is the new Rickson. War hunto though.
  17. You couldn't pay me to sit through any WMMA match that didn't involve Rousey trying to tear someone's arm off
  18. Even ones that do have her in are a snoozefest for me but I'm a sexist pig.
  19. There is something cool about seeing someone know the person across from them is going to try to walk over and dump them on their head before trying to rip their arm to shreds and them not being able to stop it in spite of being trained to do so.

    I'm a big fan of Judo in MMA so seeing as she's the best (probably M/F in MMA) I am a huge fan.
  20. Pettis vs Carceras apparently being planned for UFC on Fox 10. Anyone willing to fill me in on these two?