Official MMWA Wrestler Here.

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  1. Wrestling Name: Alex Metal
    Favorite Superstar:Matt Hardy Because in 2010 he did moonsaults in every other match, and a great ring tech.
    I've been a wrestling fan since 2007, i know im a newbie.
    Favorite Wrestling Company: WWFE
    i really have no idea how i found this site..
    I won't be here much but,expect some of MY wrestling matches and links to WWE streams, probably NOT TNA, i forget on thursdays to watch it. :haha:

    Now lets talk about me, in wrestling i'm a high flyer, but i can do Great suplexes, many different kinds. im good at Original submission holds (though i forget them all.) :pity: oh well.
  2. Welcome to the site mate :emoji_wink:. I'd love to see some clips of you wrestling, we have a few here who have big hopes for making it in the big leagues.

    Nice use of the smilies btw :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Welcome bro show us a clip of you wrestling we got one guy who's in wrestling school I think right now.
  4. i would love to upload some clipsof me wrestling but im not a Full wrestler im training ill upload some clips when im done training. K
  5. Awesome. What's it like taking bumps and stuff? I'm guessing it's much harder than us moaners on here think right? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. what do you think of my Wrestling name? sounds like a dumb NXT name but, i like it.
  7. I'm a fan of gimmick names. First name and surname are boring in my opinion thanks to WWE overusing it.
  8. I like the name you can develop a good gimmick from it
  9. Yeah, but something about that name sticks, makes the fans remember me.


    Fun Fact the head quarters of the NWA was the MMWA where i train.
  10. Welcome on board and look forward to hearing bout ur exploits and seeing u on the forums! :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Welcome pro!
  12. Welcome, very nice to know there's a wrestler among us.
  13. i will upload my matches some time in late 2013, that might be a while but... worth the wait.
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