Money in the Bank Official Money in the Bank Betting Thread!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. All available bets can be seen by clicking here.

    Please bet in this thread. Post which bet you want to take. Legends have the ability to have a 50% discount on all 3 groups by winning their bet, PM Crayo for more information on Legend bets.

    Also, please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the betting page.

    Example bet: "I am betting on Alberto Del Rio beating Sheamus"

    Prizes include free upgrades to Legend if you're approved -- if you're not, then Superstar will be given free. If you're a Superstar but not approved, you'll have to wait until you are for free legend. Remember, if you lose the bets you are paying for the upgrade.

    Current bets:

    - Jonathan bet Ziggler wins WHC contract for dark blue stars for uploader group. If he loses, he pays $3 for them.
    - Dolph'sZiggler bets on Ziggler winning MITB match. If he wins the bet, he chooses my sig. If Rhodes wins the match, then I choose his.
    - Rainman bets on Rhodes winning the MITB match. If he wins the bet, he gets the new legend betting award, if he loses he donates $10 to the site.
    - Randy and I have a unique bet regarding the MITB match. If his picks win (Rhodes, Christian, and two others) then he gets 50% discount on $35 group package. If my picks win (Dolph, Tyson and two others) then he pays for it (full price).
    - Regality is betting on Cody Rhodes winning. If he wins the bet, he gets free legend. If he loses the bet, Daniel Bryan pays for it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
    - Farooq is betting that Daniel Bryan beats CM Punk. If he wins the bet, he gets free legend. If he loses, he pays for it.
    - Jose Tortilla is betting that Daniel Bryan beats CM Punk. If he wins, he becomes co-owner of Team Show off, if I win, he's my bitch.
    - Seabs is betting that Daniel Bryan beats CM Punk. If he wins, he gets his own award that he can give to other users ([​IMG]), if he loses he donates $10 to the site.
    - Leojay is betting that Rhodes wins the SD MITB ladder match. If he wins, I have to have a Sheamus avatar for a week and a I <3 Sheamus usertitle -.-. If anyone else wins that match he will upgrade someone to superstar :emoji_slight_smile:.


    Winners of the betting contest:

    Jonathan - He now gets uploader stars.
    Dolph'sZiggler - I now have to wear a sig of his choice.

    Losers of the betting contest:

    Rainman - He will kindly donate $10.
    Randy - He will purchase a brand new usergroup
    Regality - He will be upgrading to Legend
    Farooq - Will be upgrading to Legend (was upgraded by Leo so he dodged a bullet :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)
    Jose Tortilla - Now my bitch (can't wait)
    Seabs - Kindly donating $10 to the site
    Leojay - He will be upgrading someone to Superstar (in process of doing so now)
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  2. May I bet Ziggler wins WHC contract for dark blue stars for uploader group?
    If I lose, I pay $3 for them?

  3. I BERT Anyone but John Cena winning the RAW MITB ladder match!!!
  4. Erm, sure.

    Edit: Pedo, post what you'd give in return and what you want if you win/lose.


  6. :jericho::jericho:


    Sorry RammydildoupmyassSammwich
  7. D: I NOT Gives money! but i bet reputation!!! if i win you give me +5 reputation and if you win i give you +5!!!

    is better than nothing :dawg:
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  8. Crayo let's do a sig/icon/title bet on the SD MITB. If Rhodes win you choose my shit for a month, if Ziggler wins I choose yours for a month. If neither of them win (lol) it's null and void
  9. Can I bet on Christian winning the SD MITB Match?
  10. Lol I refuse. Rep doesn't matter to me :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Sounds quite good actually, I enjoy the one pride bet I normally give out.

    Edit: @[Gohan6425 Randy Savage] Yes you can, what would you offer in return?
  11. I bet that Johnny Ace cashes his Money in the Bank briefcase on the winner of the WWE Champ briefcase. :booker:
  12. Daniel Bryan beating CM Punk for the WWE title.

    Prize : replace Xanth

    Lose : I leave the site forever.

    Show Spoiler
    :haha: what am I missing? How about if I lose I donate $5 if I win I get something, ideas welcome.
  13. Not sure if serious. Are you? :emoji_slight_smile:

    So tempted to accept original bet but I couldn't lose you :((. Urm, really not sure on a prize, come up with one :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. On like Donkey Kong then. War Ziggler :win:
  15. no. :jericho:

    if you could think of a bet that doesnt involve me coughing up money, id be willing to bet that Tyson kidd wins SD MiTB
  16. Do you know what's ironic? I actually see Ziggler winning it too now -- hence why Rhodes is on the bet page -- but I don't mind. I'm ready for a Dolph sig, I like most of your ones but I'm guessing mine will be slightly different lmao.
  17. Scrap my first bet.

    Daniel Bryan beats CM Punk.
    Prize: Staff
    Lose: I buy the $30/$35 group.

  18. I really fancy a bet, but not really sure what I could come up with, I'm already a Legend so I don't need that, you got any other ideas? (while I wrap my brain around it too).
  19. Not betting any Staff positions lol.

    This is what I'm stumped with. Without groups I can't think of anything, unless I introduce perhaps a legend betting award. Where legends can have the opportunity to win a bet and get that award. Might help you legends out. What'cha think?
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