Official Nascar '14 Season

Discussion in 'Sports' started by MrSmiley101, Nov 8, 2014.

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  1. This is the thread where's your will post about all things involving NASCAR.
    I'll talk to you about NASCAR in more detail:

    NASCAR is a sport involving different teams having their drivers race stock cars around super speedways, road courses, short tracks, ETC. There over 60 different drivers in the Sprint Cup Series alone. Let alone Nationwide and Camping World.

    My favourite Sprint Cup Drivers are Kyle Busch, Kyle Larsson, and Casey Mears!

  2. Note: The NASCAR Nationwide series have already crowned #9 of Chase Elliott champion of the 2014 season.
    Another Note: The NASCAR Nationwide series will be changing their name to the XFinity Cup Series due to Nationwide leaving NASCAR
  3. nobody watches nascar here
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