Official: Nate's coronation set for December 8th

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 16, 2012.

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    What a stacked free card. Wow. Not only is it Nates big night but Shogun/Gus and BJ vs Rory as well.
  2. How does nobody care about this???

  3. Caring.

  4. <3<3
  5. Actually nervous. If Nate loses I'll flip my shit. Though Nate just gets better and better so I'll be rooting for this champ. Will put him in my sig nearer the time.
  6. Yea I'm always nervous when my favorite fighters fight. Seeing Nate win that belt would probably be my happiest moment ever as a fan of MMA
  7. Same but I've obviously had not as many moments as you to be happy about :((! I'm still a noob.

    Will be quite cool to see Nick beside him too. You can always expect a pipebomb or two after.
  8. I just hope it's not like Frankie's two fights with Bendo ie close decisions that could have gone either way.

    I really want Nate to submit his ass, and I think he can do it.
  9. If it's decisions then Nate will lose because he'd deserve to win. Translation: Judges in UFC are completely retarded
  10. Nate was built for 5 round fights. His cardio is off the charts
  11. Both Diaz brothers have incredible engines, does nate do the triathlon stuff too?
  12. Tried to google but didn't see it, I don't think he does.
  13. Yea he is into swimming and biking and triathlons like Nick. If Nick were into chopping up prostitutes and keeping them in his freezer than Nate would too. He does everything Nick does besides skip out on his commitments without telling anybody
  14. Lmfao

    I love that they're the ultimate broskis.
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