Hockey Official NHL 14-15 discussion thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stopspot, Oct 8, 2014.

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    Use this thread for everything NHL (bar the fantasy league). Talk about teams, the draft, the matches and so forth.

    So, who's excited? I'm gonna make an actual attempt to get into it this year and pick a team to follow.
    Torn between Boston, Montreal and the Rangers right now.
  2. If you follow toronto then we'd have a lot to talk about. :russo:
  3. Bruh, Blackhawks all the way.
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  4. Bruins & Red Wings can eat a dick.. my team is Edmonton and for local reasons my secondary team is the Blue Jackets.
  5. Wow usually my cable provider doesn't have many hockey games on during the season, got this Flyers/Boston game though right now which is pretty cool I guess even though I hate both these teams with a passion.
  6. Sooo happy to have Hockey back, it's awesome to watch at in the bars.. get too distracted and spend less on my tab :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. I like Ice Hockey but don't have a favourite NHL team (yet). Anyone got a hipster (decent but not very popular) NHL team I could support?
  8. Minnesota Wild
  9. Fkn Edmonton Lost, but Hallsy scored on a PP!! WOOH!
  10. :LOL very rare to see nuge fight but he held his own against Hamhuis IMO, Dan won but Ryan showed he wasnt a total pussy in that scrap.
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  12. Not NHL but still a farm team hockey player pays homage to 'Super Troopers' by playing the Meow game during the interview.. he dropped it 7 times if I counted correctly.

    The original scene is below.

  13. Even with being troubled with injuries the Blue Jackets have found themselves on a pretty solid winning streak.
  14. That johansen is a helluva player.
  15. What a game between the Jackets and the Capitals last night, plenty of action in the 2nd period and a thirlling 3rd period to head into OT.
  16. The NHL Allstar game ended at 17-12 with Team Toews going over Team Foligno
  17. Wow what a game for the Blue Jackets against the Penguins!

    Nice to see Sidney Crosby step up and fight for once lol, dude's usually a pansy.
  18. Avalanche!!!! MacKinnon with the hattie as well.
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