Official No Surrender 2012 Live Discussion Thread

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  1. [​IMG]
    [size=x-large]No Surrender 2012[/size]
    Date - September 9 2012
    City - Orlando Florida

    On Sunday, September 9, TNA IMPACT WRESTLING and Direct Auto Insurance present "No Surrender" live on Pay-Per-View and online around the world at

    Match Card as of September 7

    [size=x-large]World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries challenges anyone from Aces & Eights [/size]

    Bound For Glory Series Semifinal: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe


    Bound For Glory Series Semifinal: Bully Ray vs. James Storm

    The Bound For Glory Series Final: TBD vs. TBD


    [size=x-large]Tag Team Championship: AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian [/size]

    Magnus vs. Rob Van Dam


    X Division Championship: Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion [/size]


    [size=x-large]Knockouts Championship: Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher [/size]
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  2. Not watching live, but I may try to catch it afterwards.
  3. I didn't watch Yesterdays iMPACT so I guess I'll have to watch before I can discuss this.
  4. Gonna be looking forward to watching this.
  5. Joe/Hardy, Ray/Storm, Tag Titles, whatever the Finals are, Zema/Dutt, Magnus/Bob... Hell, it should all be good. A lotta expectations I have for this Sunday.
  6. Also, lol @ whoever does those promo images for TNA. Lots of missing body parts in this batch.
  7. As bad as they may be sometimes, they're still better than what Stamford guys up north do.:dawg:
  8. That is entirely debatable and a subject for another time
  9. B4TB Preview:

    Zema vs. Sonjay preview:

  10. Sorry to say I'm choosing to watch Pittsburgh/Denver over this. I will watch it Monday for sure though.

    I think it will be Joe vs Storm in the finals, and I'll be pulling for Joe to win.
  11. Looking forward to watching this live on Sunday.

  12. Main event is meh.
    I'm expecting Hardy to beat Joe.
    Storm and Bully is so hard to call. Storm is on a major high since returning, but Bully is constantly getting more of the spotlight. I'd like to see Bully win BFG.
    Tag match will be awesome, even though I only like Angle out of the four. Bar was set very high last time.
    Magnus and RVD is random. Well overdue for a Magnus push.
    Dutt/Ion, no interest at all.
    Tara and Tessmacher. :gusta: Tara will win.
  13. Hardy beat Joe already on the go home show if you missed it. He won by submission which is a rare thing for Hardy. Joe gonna be coming for blood.
  14. May watch this.. :hmm:
  15. Was so stupid having that match on the go-home show, typical TNA style.

    Rooting for Joe and Bully, but I'm predicting Storm/Hardy or Storm/Joe. I'll be pretty pissed if Storm wins BFG. I have a feeling he won't and he'll go and feud with Roode (again).

    Luke Gallows will probably be the guy Aries comes up again

    Agree with Solidus. Magnus definitely needs that push. Will be pretty mad if RVD goes over.

    Tag match is going to be great.

    No care in the world for Dutt/Ion or the knockout match.
  16. I saw. I do feel like Joe is being pushed a lot, so he may win this. It's about time he was a main eventer/champion again.
  17. Joe in the main event scene is almost always good as long as he has his head in the game.
  18. Joe deserves to win the BFG Series. I'm pulling hard for him
  19. I am torn since Storm winning it would be the perfect come uppance for the shit he went through earlier.

    Joe would be a beast as WHC.

    Hardy seems to have really picked himself up since last time he was WHC and he is their biggest draw.

    Bully is just Bully Fucking Ray and would be amazing.
  20. I can't see Hardy winning it. That would be the only disappointing outcome IMO. I have said all along I'm a fan of his current run though, and he deserves another title run, but I say not until 2013. Let him go an entire year of putting on solid matches and not fucking up before trusting him again.

    I have no problem with Storm winning and have expected it from the start.. the only thing that has me split now is how perfectly they've rebuilt Samoa Joe back into this ass kicking machine he used to be. I love it
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