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  1. [​IMG]

    Am I the only one looking forward to Lockdown more than Mania?
  2. God I hate TNA's posters, lockdown however is always fun.
  3. TNA's posters are usually an eye sore, but I think this one is pretty good

    compared to something like this shit it's a masterpiece

  4. It's not as bad as some they've made but it still looks like a cheap porn poster imo. At least it looks like it's been done semi professionally however some looked so amateur.
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    I love this one however
  5. Yes you're the only one.

    Sting poster is amazing
  6. Roode/Storm is going to be MOTY, wait and see
  7. Look's better than Genesis 2012.
  8. No.
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  9. Great poster, I like it simple.
  10. Roode/Storm is going to be MOTY, wait and see
  11. Triple H and Undertaker will definitely be a contender as well... MITB will be awesome as always, so will Lethal Lockdown... Punk and Jericho should put on a show, as will A.J. Styles and *insert name of opponent here*.

    Those 3 matches on either 8-match card should be absolutely awe-inspiring. And the rest of the card should be a whole lot better for Lockdown, so I cannot wait for this PPV. Mania should be good though.
  12. Hopefully Aries is put into a good feud for LD as well. He is always a candidate to steal the show
  13. God I have an unnatural love for Aries atm.
  14. Yeah, that Victry Road poster owns.
  15. Nice and simple poster for Lockdown. Don't have any major complaints like the Genesis one, but this one is cool.
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