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    So what are the rules?

    Easy, once the official match card comes in you will get the chance to predict the results of the matches.
    And for every correct answer you get you are awarded a number of points depending on the match.
    The predicted results will be locked in on the day before the PPV.

    Current Pay-Per-View To Predict

    It is now time for the Wrestlemania predictions, hold your hats and wait for the official match card t come in.

    Official Wrestlemania 28 Match Card

    *RESERVED* (Match card has not been released yet)

    How do i participate?

    It's simple all you have to do is post that you are participating and when the match card comes in you can edit your post with your predicted results. Please post before the day that the PPV will be held on so i can register you in the points table.

    How to win?

    The guy with the most points after the PPV gets declared the winner of this PPVs Predict & Win contest and will most likely be rewarded (Check rewards section).

    Points table


    Predicts (Will be locked in on 18 Feb.)

    Predictions for Wrestlemania to come when the Official Match Card comes in.

    Rewards for the upcoming PPVs
    Wrestlemania Reward first place prize MAY BE 3 Months XBL LIVE CODE.
  2. Do you have the official match card? What do you win by the way if your results are right?
  3. No the official match card for the Elimination Chamber is unknown as of now.

    I will come up with a reward by the 18th of February, i'll be also sure to make a poll about what reward you'd like to choose if you were the winner.
  4. Alright, sounds good man. What kind of rewards would you offer? :emoji_grin:
  5. I want to participate! >:emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Too bad you will guess imprperly and leave me to win @[Crayo] >:emoji_slight_smile:
  7. I posted a poll on some suggestions which i took an hour on to come up with lol.

    Edit: WRESTLEMANIA PPV winner will get a 3 MONTH XBL LIVE CARD!
  8. I will be partaking in the EC & Mania PPVs.
    I presume that matches added to the show once it's on air don't count?
  9. I'll take part in this. ^^
  10. I'll take part of this.
  11. No they don't count, only official matches.

    EDIT: Using a random number service to determine the reward of the following: Paid-For E-Books/Exclusive Methods (1), Domain names (2), Youtube Subscribers etc (3), 1000 FREE WoW Gold (4) and 2M+ Runescape Gold (5).

    EDIT 2: [​IMG]
  12. Okey dokey @[Zamorakian]
    Want me to do your YT?
  13. Sure, i'll pm you soon after i fix this thread.
  14. Okie dokie.
  15. What the heck? I'll play.

    Raw EC: Jericho (Kofi as 4th entrant)
    Smackdown EC: Daniel Bryan (No Orton)
    Kane vs. Cena: Pretty much has to be Cena unless they blow-off on a random Raw (Ryder appears and helps Cena rise above hate)
    Beth vs. Tamina: Beth (by pinball) and expect a Mania feud with Awesome Kharma


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  16. You're in =)
  17. I'll join :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Both of you, you're in.
  19. I'm interested in joining this little charade...

    Raw EC winner: Chris Jericho
    (Kofi Kingston)

    Smackdown EC winner: Daniel Bryan

    John Cena defeats Kane
    (Ryder will appear.) @[Zamorakian]

    Beth Phoenix defeats Tamina