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  1. Didn't see a thread for tonight so I created one.
  2. Everyone stealing my thread!! Haha, it's cool. You should write up a preview though. Quick summary of what happened last week etc too.
  3. I can't WAIT for tonight.
    Here's what I see happening:

    Shitty tag-team main event.
    Cena BS promo at the beginning.
    Jericho to do another silent promo, turning the crowd and making him an even stronger heel.
    Maybe She will be revealed.
  4. Cena and Punk vs Ziggler and Kane, calling.

    Jeicho for another silent promo, agreed.
  5. Hope not, tag-team main events do my absolute head in. I'll be repping in this thread tonight baby.
  6. Hopefully we get some build up for the midcard tonight. A swagger vs Ryder feud could be really good for both men.
  7. Agreed. Ryder needs to step away from Cena and have his own feud. I'd obviously prefer Ambrose but sure, Swagger is aite'
  8. Will be interesting to see the build up with Punk/Ziggler too, getting into this feud now Johnny is basically being Vince from Vince/Stone Cold. Hope they really build it up though, not just Johnny costs him, Punk kicks him in head. Want to see some great acting.
  9. I want to see a heel turn
  10. Who from or just a random turn?
  11. Random turn :O
  12. I'm literally watching because of Y2J even though I know he'll troll us again.
  13. Random turn or a random face turn, preferably from the Miz lol
  14. R-Truth had a turn. He left as the bad guy and came back as the good guy. Miz will never be the good guy probably.
  15. No one created it because RAW is not on for another 5 hours.
    They create the thread 15 minutes before it starts.
  16. Most people create it a day before Punk, lol.
  17. Going to actually watch it this week, unlike last week when I waited for Crayo to post it on here ^^

    Calling a Daniel Bryan heel turn this raw or week, it's happening.
  18. Wonder how Kane vs Cena is going to progress. It's like 4-5 weeks now isn't it that Kane's got the better of Cena? Is Cena finally going to beat Kane down or something that would cause most of the IWC to rage?
  19. 50 minutes away from another amazing night of Monday night RAW! I can't wait! Woo-woo-woo, you know it!
  20. Can't wait!!