Royal Rumble Official Royal Rumble 2012 Highlights

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  1. Here are the highlights I made of the Royal Rumble 2012! They are in HD!

  2. Really good video bro, reminded me that Bryan was involved in every spot in that WHC match. Carried them completely.

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  3. I just got a fucking strike on my account and my Royal Rumble Highlights got removed :emoji_slight_frown: I spent so much timeee on it!
  4. It's because of the music it had.
  5. No it was a copyright claim by World Wrestling Entertainment.
  6. The message I get is that it has a copyright claim from "WMG".
  7. Well they probably just say that because it was already violating it either way
  8. The videos removed. Was interested in seeing the highlights aswell, I can remember the important bits but would've of been good to refreshen my memory.
  9. I want to post them up but instead on the WWE Forums channel. Just so it's easier for everyone that is a part of the forum to catch some good solid highlights of a PPV but I will need permission
  10. If you were to upload regularly to the YT channel then sure, if it's just for this time it's probably best just sending the video to seabs.
  11. Great! how should I send the video. Can we send videos via email?
  12. WMG is a music company.
    It got removed for the music.
    Unlucky :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. It says that but when i was trying to get it back the Claimant was WWE, not WMG. So either way it was removed because WWE wanted it to be removed. They showed it to WMG and bam removed :emoji_slight_frown:
  14. PM :smile:! Not sure when you made this post in comparison to your new YT channel post though. Think you're making your own channel so this post might be useless haha.
  15. Yeah I made this post before I contacted Seabs about this or else the highlights are currently being uploaded at my channel at 38%