Official Royal Rumble 2013 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rysenberg, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Date – January 27th 2013
    Time - 1am UK time, 7/8 Yankee time
    Venue – US Airways Centre
    City – Phoenix, Arizona
    Theme Song -

    Match Card as of 16/1/13

    [size=x-large] WWE Championship – The Rock vs CM Punk[/size]


    [size=x-large] Last Man Standing - World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio © vs The Big Show [/size]


    [size=x-large] 30 Man Royal Rumble Match [/size]


    [size=x-large] Tag Team Championships – Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars [/size]


    [size=x-large] United States Championship - Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz [/size]


  2. -The real poster is better.
    -Wonder if either Ryback/Sheamus/Orton - Shield or Ryback against The Shield in a handicap match will be made for the event
    -Del Rio will retain and Rock will win the WWE Title. As I said in another thread, Del Rio winning the belt on Smackdown instead of the Rumble is probably a clue that Rock is winning the belt because WWE doesn't like it when both world titles switch hands on the same PPV, and it makes Rock's title win stand out more anyway
    -Cena is my only pick for the Rumble. Ryback isn't winning, and if Cena/Rock is gonna headline WM29, then just make Cena the winner. The RR commercial might have been a clue that Cena is winning
    -Rock/Punk should go on last
  3. Pumped for this PPV. This thread is no where near as good as my discussion threads.
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  4. :haha:

    And fuck you Lockard, it's better :sad:
  5. Will watch live.
  6. Since when did Rhodes grow a mustache. :cornette:
  7. Are you even watching the product?
  8. @,@ this is gonna be good ...
  9. OG poster is better. :pity:
    And Crayo, that's because you're shit at making discussion threads.
  10. Say it to my face.
  11. Relax, Alex Riley.
  12. Can't believe I made this and forgot to sticky it :lol1:
  13. Can't wait, really. Just hope we don't see Cena start at #1 and "overcome the odds" yet again.
    Hope the guys in the tag match can enter the Rumble.
  14. When does this dirty brown water trash happen?
  15. Jan 27th I think.
  16. So what are some predictions for the RR winner?
  17. My predictions are Sheamus, Cena and the loser of the Punk/Rock match if it goes on before the Rumble.

    I'm hoping I get surprised and its none of these guys, really. I hate predictability, even if it makes sense.

    Oh and, I'll be discussing this PPV here hopefully :woo1:
  18. It'll probably be Cena......again :downer:
  19. I'm hoping for a big surprise as well. I think Sheamus, or Cena have the inside track as well.
  20. Gotta love that "yankee" time. Royal Rumble has failed to deliver with the actual Royal Rumble match, so I'm hoping they'll give me a winner I actually like. Already calling an Evan Bourne return, but we'll see. I really hope that John Cena does not win the rumble and ruin my love for this PPV, it's bad enough Sheamus one it last year. If Ziggler won I would be ecstatic because of the possibility of a unification of the two belts and him being the first undisputed champion if the new era. Then there's the possibility of hi fighting the Rock, which also would be something to see.

    My underdog pick for the Royal Rumble will always be Santino, but since he's out on injury I guess I would have to say maybe Cody Rhodes since the person who wins will have to be going for the WHC.
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