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    Date - November 18th 2012
    Time - 1am UK time, 7/8 Yankee time
    Venue - Bankers Life Fieldhouse
    City - Indianapolis

    Theme Song -

    Match Card as of 17/12/12

    [size=x-large] WWE Championship - CM Punk (c) vs Ryback vs John Cena[/size]


    [size=x-large] World Heavyweight Championship - Sheamus vs Big Show (c) [/size]


    [size=x-large] Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match [/size]

    [size=x-large] Team Ziggler: Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and team Rhodes Scholars vs Team Foley: Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No and The Miz [/size]


    [size=x-large] United States Championship - Antonio Cesaro (c) vs R-Truth [/size]


    [size=x-large] Piss Break Championship - Kaitlyn vs Eve [/size]


    [size=x-large] PRE SHOW - The Three Man Band vs Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel [/size]

  2. Not much of a card, if you ask me.

    Punk retains by pinning Cena. I predict Ryback won't even be at ringside when it happens (just to further protect him, in a "if he was there, he would have definitely broke up the pin" kind of way) because Brad Maddox will break up Ryback's pin of either Punk or Cena and he'll chase him all the way to the back. Punk will then score a pin over Cena in some way, and then Ryback will return but Punk will run away with the title. Punk survives Ryback's 'wrath' again.

    Big Show retains the title against Sheamus, which makes Sheamus feel even more vulnerable, making him start seriously questioning whether he can beat Big Show at all. This leads to another rematch at TLC, where Sheamus finally defeats Show and wins his belt back in a hardcore match, only for Ziggler to cash in and take it from him afterwards. But that's TLC, not Survivor Series.

    Team Ziggler wins the elimination match. It'd be nice if Ziggler was the sole survivor.
  3. They could really make Survivor Series all about Ziggler if they wanted. Have his team win because of his pinfall being the last survivor, and then cash in on a very excited Sheamus and walk out of Survivor Series as a star. Though I predict Miz turning on Team Foley and screwing them, Ziggler getting pinned, and Big Show retaining.
  4. This PPV just look's so sucky, and predictable. My god I hope for at least some surprises.
  5. Get the feeling this will be a shit PPV, but I'm still erect over how good my thread is.
  6. Not looking forward to it at all. Not one single match announced so far makes me want to watch it.
  7. The only thing I'm excited for is a possible big breakthrough story. Something like Ziggler cashing in, or Heyman/Punk related. I fail to see (or just don't want to see) WWE allowing this PPV to be a generic champion-retaining PPV, something surely has to happen at SURVIVOR SERIES. Otherwise, it feels like another 3 hour RAW.
  8. Survivor Series hasn't mattered in a long time man. Nice to see my lack of watching wrestling hasn't caught up to me yet. Good god this looks awful.

    See you guys at the beginning of January when WWE will start trying again. ZOMG WRESTLEMANIA. ZOMG BIG STARS
  9. lol inb4 massive angle starts at SS and Dolph's misses it.
  10. ooh I need to update my thread :emoji_hushed:
  11. I like the underlying meaning of the posters color scheme now considering where Miz's character currently is, right between a face and a heel run. Will he turn to the light or stay in the dark?

  12. Miz looks awesome in that poster.

    I'm only looking forward to the Punk/Ryback/Cena match. Everything else seems boring.
  13. Quite interested in the team match.
  14. I'm not. It'll be just like the team match from WM.
  15. Only interested for the potential Miz swerve.
  16. I expect him to turn on his teammates and make them lose. Miz and Kofi were just feuding a week ago and now they're in the same team?..
  17. The team match will be awesome if they it ends up with just Dolph and Miz battling it out at the end for 10 minutes or so. Would be a great way to establish both guys and get Miz over slightly more as a a face.
  18. You are forgetting #wwelogic.
  19. I'll be watching live.
  20. out of all the last few ppvs this the one im least excited about apart from punk cena and ryback match
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