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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Hannah Bee, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys! WWERulesRKOLover23 here!

    I'm here to tell you that I've created an official Tinychat room for WF. :emoji_wink:)

    Since a lot were requesting for a chat section of the site, here's a pretty good alternative: No sign-up required (guests can go in = extra members to lure in), has webcam and mic support, and less LQ posts in the forums (If Rammy comes in the chat room, mass-report him!).

    I hope you actually come and enjoy! I don't want @[Farooq] and @[Vince McMahon] whore themselves here 24/7.

    The only downside to this will be less activity on live discussion threads. :cry: To solve this problem, the chat room will be closed (Imma give @[Crayo] the login details, and I'm giving the account to him.) until the event's finished.

    I hope you consider this idea! Enjoy!

    Hannah :emoji_kissing_heart:

    Here's The Official Tinychat Page!
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  2. I do not see a point. This forum is pretty much known for the LQ posts in the general lounge... if it was much of a problem I am sure Crayo would have done something about it by now.
  3. :gusta:



    me wwerules and farooq spent like 2.5 hours in tinychat this morning and it was fun :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. I won't be logging in. Tinychat sucks. It really sucks.

    I prefer speaking to people in threads than tinychat.

    Locker Room has its own personality now, it's the place to go to chill. Don't need no tinychat to do that.
  5. Yeah I agree. Locker Room is the place for trolling... why spoil that and the forums activity?
  6. I was only suggesting, @[Crayo]. :cry:

    The locker rooms are really wonderful, don't blame me. I'm just saying Tinychat can be an alternative to the chat room some people are asking for. I'm not saying that all should come. I'm just saying that it can be a hang-out for guys that would like to talk with the members of the forum, or just see them face to face. Also, during the times of inactivity (Early mornings there @ UK), there can be a refuge to members when no one's posting new stuff.
  7. Also it's not official until the owner of the forum approves it... Just saying. But it is a decent idea, however I will not use it.
  8. Lol I know you're only suggesting, don't worry.

    Instant-chats will never be "official" here though as the site doesn't and won't have one lol. It takes away activity from the forum. If you see the forum being slightly inactive because of time zones, as I always say, post some threads. I don't think people need to rely on others. :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Will put an disclaimer when I get to go OL on the computer again. @[Vince McMahon] and @[Farooq], let's advertise this shit. :gameface:
  10. Maybe, but I don't see a point in it. We have locker-room and statuses, and stuff.
  11. I am in there now o.o
  13. I like chatrooms o3o
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  16. :true:
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