Official TNA IMPACT 2/14/13 Discussion Thread - Eight Contenders Set For Hardy

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  1. [size=x-large]FROM LONDON, IN WEMBLEY ARENA, 10000+ FANS[/size]


  2. Angle vs Joe and Roode vs Aries don't really make much sense to me. Maybe the winner of each match makes it on to Hogan's team to battle A&E's? :hmm:
  3. That Hogan dude, always has the hidden agenda that will benefit himself (even kayfab wise)... :hogan:
  4. But holy shit, I am so pumped to see and hear the London crowd tonite. 10+k screaming in unit.... Epic.
  5. Funny how in that screen cap the champion of the company is almost blurred out and a 60 year old is front and centre. :hogan: brother :lol1:
  6. Stickied.
  7. Maybe because Hardy won't actually be one the show, and Hulkamania is deciding who's facing him, the one who's not on the show. My opinion on it, even though I didn't notice until you said it lol.
  8. So stoked. :yay:
  9. T-minus three minutes and change, yet no pre-show discussion? Noobs.
  10. Evening, good timing to be back from the pub, big aces recap going on


    Crowd sounds stoked and hulk starts the show, my bad typing
  11. Sting starts? My stream must be behind, I'm getting the almighty Hulkster, brother. :downer:

    "Hogan might be the strongest force in the universe!" Mark Henry says otherwise.
  12. Yeah i fail, too much beer going on :facepalm1:
  13. When you have to actively get up and turn your speakers down because the crowd is literally deafening, there's no way the show can be bad. My goodness you London fans are incredible.
  14. Imagine if TNA moved to the UK permanently.
  15. Can Samoa Joe please win this struggle to be no 1 contender, or Daniels get another shot
  16. "Some guy I'd put my money on, and maybe your money" When did Hogan become Paul Heyman?

    Angle and Joe VIII, Aries vs Roode, Magnus vs Daniels... Since when did they have PPV's on Thursday?
  17. Aries vs Roode will be "special"
  18. It looks like an awesome card for sure, TNA doing it large with some really big matches
  19. Oh lord yes... Maybe they can do a US tour, being in the states I'd love to visit. Hopefully my humble Knoxville crowd will be better than it was last year (but hey, we got Russo fired, so thank me later)
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