Official TNA Impact Live Discussion Thread 13/9/12

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Arrow, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Looking really forward to this episode.
  3. Really looking forward*
  4. Do these threads generate much interest these days? I assume they are pretty slow without my support
  5. It's actually when I post we tend to do really well. The PPV thread had like 80+ pages if I remember rightly. when I don't post it's 12-20. Last one I posted in was 40+ pages. I'm the draw, not you :pity:.
  6. Jeff Harvey won! :upset:
  7. Thanks for the correction. :dawg:
  8. tTll me what you think of the thread layout guys. First time ever trying. Besides the width, I think it looks good. o.o
  9. It's good I suppose, text look's a little blurry to me.
  10. Better than others. :yay:
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  11. :yay: love you!
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  12. I would say you don't really need to make the text smaller.. just makes it hard to read unnecessarily


    nm I see what you did now.
  13. Text looks blurry on my end, but otherwise seems OK. Of course, I don't like the date layout, but that's just me.

    Probably won't be home in time to see the start of the show live, but looking forward to it.
  14. Yeah. I can make the text bigger if it's necessary, it would just take time.
  15. Text is small and the image stretches the page. Other than that, looks good. :obama:
  16. So who's gonna' be watching tonight? Brother. Dude.
  17. Not me man. Fucking work.

    Even if I weren't working though I'd be watching Packers/Bears :obama:

    I'll watch it first thing tomorrow when I get back from class though
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  18. Woah text on OP is tiny
  19. Excited for the show, especially since it could be one of the last few LIVE Impacts and am expecting some very interesting developments to go down LIVE.
  20. I keep forgetting that LIVE impact might be ending, I simply presumed they would have made this a permanent thing by now.
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